So imagine this: you’ve built a getaway island that would get Robinson Crusoe aroused. You’re sitting there in your rocking chair, pipe in hand, enjoying the scenery of your lush jungle backyard with your pooch, Sam, while listening to the sounds of the ocean.

But paradise-living comes at a price – and unfortunately for you, that beautiful island you decided would make for a perfect vacation house also doubles as the island Lost and Jurassic Park were shot on.

How relaxing.

As you rock back and forth in your chair vigourously puffing away, a faint growl can be heard in the distance. Skips’ ears raise up, as he looks up at you in distress. As the sound keeps getting closer, the sun quickly turns to shade. Then, from beyond the tallest trees comes a screeching yell so death-defying that not even the black monster in Lost could escape it.

As Excision’s new album fades in, you and Skip jump off the porch, grab your shot-gun, and embark on a treacherous journey to escape Codename X.


There you go, Marvel. I just wrote your next super-hero movie. Pitch it to Hollywood as Jurassic Park meets Shiloh meets Apocalypse Now meets My Dog Skip.

You’ll have studio execs chomping at the bit for a piece of this next Blockbuster franchise.

Enough psycho-babble. Rottun Recording’s long awaited new album from Excision titled Codename X is out now.

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