After releasing his long-awaited album, Codename X , Excision continues to blow our minds.

Jeff Abel – better known by his stage name Excision – has become notorious for putting together jaw-dropping and ear-popping live performances. And that’s not a complete exaggeration. Because quite frankly, his shows go so hard in the paint.

In 2013, for example, Excision unveiled a 250,000 watt sound system at Boomfest in Colorado. To get a taste of what that sounds like, check out this video. And once you’ve retained your hearing again, please keep reading.

According to the video below, Excision has even more new stunts to show off.

This past January, the Canadian began a new tour across North America and brought some friends along with him. Besides himself, Excision brought along Protohype, Minnesota, and a brand-new 150,000 watt sound system. I know, it’s not 250,000 watts…but the new tour does have something equally unique.

Throughout his tour over the next few months, Excision will be featuring his “Executioner” video and light production. And because we’re simply unable to put this setup into words, we’ll let you see for yourself.

Have you ever seen a visual display like this? Probably not. Because we haven’t seen anything like this, and we’re pretty sure we’ve seen literally everything around here at

Not only does it feature an extremely original and unquestionably-timed light pattern, the monster in the background will literally make you feel like a kid again (if it doesn’t already give you nightmares).

In summary, Excision has reset the bar for a live dubstep experience.

If you want to get a taste of his new production, he’s coming to Chicago for Spring Awakening Music Festival. And according to his website, he’ll be bringing all of his new tricks with him.

Let there be lights.

And lasers. Let there definitely be lasers.

(Feature photo courtesy of YouTube)