There’s something about a witch’s cry that gets me going in the morning. You know what I’m talking about: that feeling of pure, unadulterated fear.

That’s right. You woke up with a fear boner. Which can only mean one thing.

It’s Halloween season.

Time to head up to the attic, get out those spooky decorations, and prepare for a month of horror filled hypocrisies.

I really wish adults could still go trick-or-treating. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t really be “PC” for grown men to frolic through the neighborhoods with little children in search of candy.

Maybe we need to set a precedent where children get to trick-or-treat until dusk. And then after we all put the kids to bed (I don’t have any kids, so I guess I would just wait it out), the adults take the field for phase two.

And the whole time, we can all have our headphones in – obviously blasting Figure’s 6th installment of his highly acclaimed Monsters series.

Monsters 6 is an entirely new volume of music fresh for 2015 while Monsters 6.66 includes 66 tracks from the entire Monsters collection.

As a bonus, this bundle contains some artwork from the entires series – as well as Figure’s most recent 2015 full-length LP Gravity.

Get the full stream for free below on Figure’s SoundCloud page, or grab the free digital box set RIGHT HERE.