Rise and vibe, folks.

Yesterday, the new Skrillex and Justin Bieber song was released. And to be honest, it isn’t that good.

Expectations were at an all-time peak for the Biebs after he dropped one of his greatest jams yet (“What Do You Mean?”). And on top of that, Skrillex has pretty much made the electronic music industry his bitch this year. So, if history were to repeat itself, “Sorry” will be all over the radio in t-minus two weeks.

ICYMI: Skrillex releases new song with Zhu, “Working For It”

I realize that we’ve been blowing you guys up with new Skrillex music this week. But let’s be honest, the guy has kind of earned the attention at this point.

Immediate feedback on the track has been diverse, to say the least. According to our friends at Consequence of Sound, “it’s a chill number marked by warm island rhythms and features Bieber in full-on apologetic mode.”

Despite having over four million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours, the feedback from fans has been scattered as well.

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For the record, I do not believe Justin Bieber is a racist. However, because of science and technology, I was able to conveniently embed the video below so you can listen to for yourself. Or, you can just pretend to listen to so that you don’t look like an idiot again when the ladies bring up Justin Bieber at book club.

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