When you search ‘Flume new album’ on Google, you’ll find hundreds of results. And after doing so, you’ll realize you just read the same stupid paragraph four times in-a-row.

It’s called copy/paste, and it’s a keyboard function used by about 95% of music blogs that you read. Some examples include this, this, and definitely this. As proof that we don’t believe in sacrificing journalistic integrity for SEO, we are going to keep this short and sweet.

Here is why:

A. Because we believe that “brevity is the essence of wit.”
B. Because we want to be more like Flume.

Moving to the actual point of this article, Flume’s album was short and sweet. And yes, that’s the last time we will be using the term “short and sweet.” If you’re still reading this, below you’ll find a snippet of Flume’s upcoming album, Skin. 

Word on the street is that the album will be released in full on February 1st. Based on the photo below, which Flume posted on Instagram three weeks ago, that theory seems logical. However, considering that electronic artists never release anything on time or in conventional fashion, we’ll remain skeptical.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.36.08 PM


Skepticism over release dates aside, this album is going to be ridiculous.

Skin will be Flume’s second album release, following up from his massive, self-titled debut (Flume). We cannot find any identification for the tracks included anywhere online, nor do have the time to look.

However, we did include some comments in chronological order below.

0:02 – Not even two seconds in and Flume is already blowing my mind. This is some deep shit: “Sometimes I feel like the world spins opposite the way you spin.”

0:23 – Flume gave the people what they want (womp). Whatever this song is called, we’re calling it the ‘fan-pleaser.’

0:49 – I feel like I’m in the Wizard of Oz.

1:23 – Damn son, you have some very progressive percussion.

2:15 – Only Flume would be able to pull off the “broken piano” synth.

2:48 – The piano Flume is using still seems to be broken but I still love it. What is going on?

3:21 – Wait, did I just go to heaven?

3:36 – WHAT

3:37 – IS

3:38 – THIS

3:39 – SONG??????

4:36 – Wow, that was great. I’m definitely going to purchase Flume’s album on iTunes instead of illegally downloading it.