The last few days have been pretty frustrating for me. Many of you may not know, but RaveFaced is something I do in my free time and out of my own pocket. We do not make any money off of the site. So when things like this happen, it really bothers me. Every so often, I will find a funny video that I will dub a song over and share it on our Facebook page. These videos do not generate any revenue for us, just additional exposure.

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Well last week (Oct. 16th), I made a video where I dubbed one of Bassnectar’s new remixes over a video of a baby getting really into some church music. Normally, I’ll test about 5 or 6 different songs on a video to see what fits best, but this one only took one try. When I make these videos, I expect other people to repost them instead of share them, because it’s the internet and people like to steal shit. That’s why I always put the RaveFaced watermark on the videos, so people know where it originated.


I decided against uploading the video to YouTube, since I don’t own the original video and knew it would probably get removed. I uploaded the video to Facebook and and shared it on our Facebook page, twitter and a few other facebook groups once I created it on the 16th. I didn’t really pay much attention to it over the weekend, but on Monday I started getting texts and messages on Facebook of other pages that posted this video. Initially, I was fine with hearing this, since I put the watermark on the video. But once I started seeing the videos pop up on my newsfeed, I noticed that these pages took the time to crop the video so the watermark was no longer there, and they even went as far as adding their own logos to the video.

INTO THE AM (3.995 million views)

into the am views

Adapted Records (16.548 million views)


Now, before I decided to make this post, I did reach out to these pages and ask for some credit since they are getting all of this engagement on Facebook with something they straight up stole from me. INTO THE AM was the first to steal this, then Adapted Records stole it from them (since they still had their logo on the video).


I did get a response from someone from INTO THE AM, and they did credit our Facebook page, but for less than a day and then removed it. Adapted Records claimed they were going to edit the video and give us some credit when they were at about 2.7 million views, but never followed through and still gained about 14 million additional views after that. My response may seem a little aggressive, but this was after their initial response (which they deleted soon after) was only “Lol”. They then claimed they couldn’t give me credit since someone else already put their logo on it (INTO THE AM).


Normally, this sort of thing isn’t that big of a deal to me, but since these pages have benefitted MILLIONS of views for stealing my video and refuse to give credit to where it’s due, I’m a little pissed off. Like I said, we don’t make any money off of this site, so we just got robbed out of over 20 million views that would have given us a little attention. I try to be as professional as possible, but Adapted Records and INTO THE AM can go fuck themselves.