The past year for GRiZ has been absolutely insane, and this week was another monumental period in his music career. The master of funk just released his most recent album, Say It Loud, and it’s easily one of the best albums to come out this year.

Composed of 11 incredible tracks featuring some truly talented musicians, the album is a breath of fresh air for the electronic music scene.

Say It Loud is one of those albums that you need to listen to all the way through to get the full GRiZ electro-funk experience. The first two tracks that he released over the last couple of months open up with the true signature funk sounds for which GRiZ has made himself known. The third track, Get Down (ft. Sunsquabi & Manic Focus), might be my favorite thus far. The description GRiZ gave of the album fits this song perfectly:



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GRiZ has been pioneering a new road in electronic music, fusing that old sound of funk with bass-twisting melodies. On top of all that, he integrates live instruments into his performances.

The Detroit native traveled all over the United States, recording new and unique sounds in places like New York, Colorado, New Orleans, Nashville, and Seattle, and put them all together in this standout album.

“Say It Loud is the funkiest, most soulful and fun album I’ve ever made. And I’m giving it away to you for free. This music is for all of us. It’s meant to be experienced, danced to, sang along with, felt. That’s what it’s all about. “ – GRiZ

Stream the entirety of the album below, or download it for free from GRiZ’s website. But we recommend going with the paid option because that includes a bonus track that you don’t want to miss out on.

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