Last Saturday, one of my all time favorite artists played at The Pageant in St. Louis for his new Say It Loud tour.

Having seen GRiZ in New Orleans a few weeks ago for his after show at BUKU Music + Art Project, I knew this show (or any show on his new tour) would be a spectacle. I could write pages on the actual show itself. But that surprisingly wasn’t the highlight of the night.

I’ve been on GRiZ‘s street team, The Liberators, for a couple years now. And one week leading up to the show, there was talk about trying to get the king of electro-funk to show up at the after party.

griz-afterparty-text-rectWe were all anxiously waiting to hear a confirmation on whether or not he was going to make an appearance, but as the date of his St. Louis performance creeped up, we weren’t sure if it was actually going to happen.

Fast-forward to Exmag’s opening set on Saturday.

I feel my phone vibrate, so I unlock it and look at the attached text message. I thought to myself, “Holy shit. It’s actually happening.”

After dancing like an idiot to Muzzy Bear, Exmag, and then an incredibly diverse set by GRiZ, I spread the word to my group that we have an after party to attend. And, I mentioned that there was going to be a special guest.

We navigated through the neighborhoods of Ladue (that’s in Missouri) and finally found the address I received for the party. This house was one of the most beautiful houses I’ve been in, which worried me initially since buzz was spreading fast about the after party.

I walked to the back of the house and ran into a couple friends. Right off the bat, I asked them if the dudes standing behind me were Exmag. Their response:

“Yup,” one of them answered briskly. “And GRiZ is downstairs playing right now.”

In disbelief, I rushed downstairs and sure enough, there’s Grant Kwiecinski throwing down to a crowd of about 40-50 people in a basement. It was surreal.

I could have held my phone up and recorded the few hours GRiZ played, but there was no way I was about to stare at my phone and not experience the moment.

However, the blogger in me did manage to capture two short videos from the funk party. Besides the simple fact we enjoy sharing interesting videos with all of you, I don’t think anyone would believe us unless we had proof.

Here’s GRiZ playing I Want You Back by Jackson 5 into the Milo & Otis remix of Recess by Skrillex:

And then, the crunchy Diplo & Grandtheft remix of Summer by Calvin Harris:

UPDATE (4.22.15): We got a few more videos from the after party thanks to Josh O’Steen. Check them out below.

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