After opening for Above and Beyond at Group Therapy 100 (which took place at the legendary Madison Square Garden), London native ilan Bluestone continues his meteoric rise to fame with his latest EP, Snapdragon.

His second 3 track EP of the year, Snapdragon represents yet another uplifting collection of eclectic, progressive trance that we’ve grown to know and love over ilan’s young career.


The first song of Snapdragon kicks you right in the face from the get-go. “Aurora” debuted in full at Madison Square Garden and takes it’s inspiration from those classic trance synths ilan grew up creating. As the track progresses, the dark side of ilan comes out with a calamitous drop worthy of WWIII. What a fitting start to one of our favorite EP’s of the year thus far.


As you might have assumed, the second song on the EP titled “Atlantis” derived it’s name from the 1985 space shuttle. The beat starts out in proper ilan fashion – slowly evolving into it’s own progressive nature. Another award worthy track for ilan, “Atlantis” plays like a brass string orchestra beaming with positive vibes – resulting in a fruitful and fulfilling climax.


The timing on this one makes for quite a first (and second) listen. A walloping build up with a subtle drop, “Snapdragon” highlights Bluestone’s uncanny ability to craft perfectly timed peaks that give the track it’s range of depth. At first, the track’s volume makes you want to turn the song up. Don’t do that. It’s all a part of ilan’s perspective journey – so strap in, buckle up, and take part in one of the most emotive rides of your life.

Purchase ilan Bluestone’s latest EP Snapdragon onĀ Beatport.

SoundCloud: @anjunabeats