Tugging on the heart strings, that’s what Nick Miller (AKA Illenium) and his melodic bass persona do on a nightly basis. Breaking young girls hearts and melting young boys minds, Illenium has, for a lack of a better word, blown up over the past couple of years.

His live shows create an atmosphere of unequivocally emotional experiences; taking our hearts and our minds on a journey through time and space.

Leaving his audience awe-struck is nothing new for Illenium. With his aural arrangements and beautifully emotional depth in each and every song leaves any listener begging for more.

Even though we’ve heard a few of the songs on the debut album from Illenium titled “Ashes,” there were enough newcomers to the LP to make it worth the listen tenfold.

The album took seven months to write and when asked about the inception of the album, Illenium stated:

“I thought maybe I should push it and try to get more. But at the end of the day, when I had these songs sitting there and I listened to them one after the other, these ones just flowed the best and had the most meaning for me. I’m really excited for how many chill tracks are on it. I kind of experimented with non-dance things, just like singer-songwriter stuff.”

So whether you’ve heard one of his remixes from that oh-so-raver of a friend on the way to school or if you’re a complete stranger to the works of Illenium, I highly suggest giving yourself a solid hour to listen to his new album in full.


Not to mention, he’s giving it away for free on Hive. Want to download it? I know you do. So just do it. And…


Want to pre-order the Vinyl copy, pressed on two 45 rpm 180-gram Vinyl records, including unlimited streaming of Ashes via, the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads in MP3, FLAC and more?


The full package ships out on or around March 25th, 2016. 

Or pick up your digital copy on iTunes.


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Illenium – “Ashes” Tracklist

  1. Reverie (feat. King Deco) 04:59
  2. Fortress (feat. Joni Fatora) 03:23
  3. With You (feat. Quinn XCII) 03:06
  4. Sleepwalker (feat. Joni Fatora) 04:10
  5. It’s All On U (feat. Liam O’Donnell) 03:24
  6. Sound Remedy – Spirals (feat. King Deco) 06:01
  7. Without You (feat. SKYLR) 03:52
  8. Only One (feat. Nina Sung) 04:12
  9. I’ll Be Your Reason 03:39
  10. Afterlife (feat. Echos) 06:04
  11. Chilled Velvet – [Bonus Track] Jester 03:01
  12. Dirt Monkey – [Bonus Track] Bring Forth The Pressure 02:45


Additional Information:

  • Released on February 15, 2016 on KASAYA / SEEKING BLUE RECORDS.
  • Composed, Engineered, Produced & Mastered by Nicholas Miller.
  • Written by Nicholas Miller, Alexandra Norton (Afterlife), Allie Crystal (Reverie), Anthony Howell (Spirals), Dave Aude (Only One), Dana Salah (Reverie, Spirals), Jeremy Dussolliet (Spirals), Joni Fatora (Fortress, Sleepwalker), Liam O’Donnell (It’s All On U), Mike Marvin (With You), Nina Sung (Only One), Tal Richards (Afterlife).
  • Additional Production by Anthony Howell (Spirals), Jacob Grant (Jester), Myles Anderson (Jester), Nathaniel Motte (It’s All On U), Patrick Megeath (Bring Forth The Pressure).
  • Artwork by Dylan Wood.