Taylor Swift dates a lot of people and then she writes about them. We all get it by now. It’s not an SNL-worthy fact anymore that she has a long list of ex-lovers that may or may not tell you she’s insane.

But it can never hurt to have a handy guide describing which songs are about which members of that long list. And we’re guessing that most of these individuals you forgot even existed in Taylor’s world.

Some of Taylor’s songs are about friends and family, some are about possibly unknown frenemies (hello, Katy Perry), and still others are about crushes you never knew she had, like Eddie Redmayne. (To be fair, who wouldn‘t have a crush on Eddie Redmayne?)

Whether you like T-Swift, hate her or are a big fan of her latest fling – Mr. Calvin Harris – you’re now prepared for Taylor Swift ex-boyfriend trivia. If you’re into that, of course. 

Taylor Swift song facts were primarily found from the “Taylor Swift Songs” blog, which is pretty awesome to read, mirror, and hollywoodlife)