If you haven’t heard of Jamie xx yet, you probably will soon.

For me, it happened when the 26-year-old English producer played at Pitchfork Music Festival in July – and I got bombarded with Snapchats of his show from every person I knew in attendance.

It was pretty obvious from those Snapchats that the dude could put on a show. So when I heard Jamie xx was playing in Chicago again – a sold out banger at Concord Music Hall Thursday night – I bought a ticket.

And now I can personally attest that Jamie xx puts on a hell of a show.

Of course, I had “seen” him before as a member of his band The xx at their Lollapalooza show in 2010; but seeing the behind-the-scenes production of The xx as its own show was a whole new animal.

As a friend put it to me before the show, his style is best described as “clean vinyl house that’s loud as hell.”

Loud is the key word here, and Concord’s intimate setting made it feel like the whole building was vibrating during Jamie’s two-hour set. Everything about Jamie xx screams “old school,” from his plain white shirt on stage to the one disco ball hanging on the ceiling over the capacity crowd.

The latter is his signature, and it only took about ten minutes to understand why.

Just a big groovy dance party. While a trippy light show and the disco ball put on a show of their own, Jamie xx simply went to work for two hours – not uttering a single word the entire time.

It makes you wonder how nobody else in the industry has thought of claiming such an unflashy (yet brilliant) style, but that’s irrelevant at this point. Because Jamie xx has essentially patented it.

Seriously, how many DJ’s do you know that are a disco genius?

Before last night, I would have said zero.