Without any signs of stopping, Jauz continues to make waves in the electronic music world.

And this time it comes in the form of a Skrillex collaboration which we believe to be officially titled “Drunk Squad.”

During his 5:30 pm set at Summer Set Music Festival in Wisconsin this weekend, Jauz took a minute to introduce a track that he just finished the night before with Skrillex…or do we mean Sonny?

From what we could find online, a previous version of this song has been circulating for a little while under the title “Drunk Squad,” but according to Jauz it’s finally complete.

Just like in his VIP version of “Feel the Volume,” Jauz enlists the help of heavyweight hype man Fat Man Scoop who routinely instructs the audience how they should act during the drops (because there are multiple). Similar to his “Lean On” remix with Dillon Francis, “Drunk Squad” starts off relatively mild and then picks up speed for a Skrillex infused ending.

No word on a release date yet, but if it’s anything like the stuff Jauz has been putting out lately – we can guarantee you’ll be hearing this played until you’re almost sick of it.