Eric Prydz doesn’t have to try to be cool; he just is.

He started the all black leather trend before it was a trend. He wore a Yankees flat-brim before 9/11.

And he’s not even from New York.

His 2013 essential mix was named Essential Mix of the Year by Pete Tong.

He’s the creator of one of the most sampled sounds in the electronic dance music world, the ‘Pryda Snare’.

You probably only know him for his hit single “Call on Me” and the music video that turned many young boys into men (just like the R&B group, Boyz 2 Men). And since Eric doesn’t even play the song live anymore in order to distance himself from the track, we will stop talking about it now.

Last year, Prydz performed his EPIC 3.0 show which incorporated a 20m, 4k hologram with 32 lasers.

Why is this worth noting?

Because Eric finished out the tour even though his management alerted him that they would be losing money every single night due to high production costs. In this situation, ‘For the Love of the Game’ would be an understatement.

In recent years, Prydz has moved away from the main stage appeal of his earlier work and has swapped heavy drops and hard kicks for exponential arpeggios and never-ending grooves.

In October of 2015, Eric is set to release his new album to commemorate his label’s milestone 10th anniversary. In anticipation of the new album, Eric decided to travel back in time by releasing three EPs featuring songs he produced between the years of 2004 and 2014. The first of the three EPs, Pryda 10 Volume 1, provides some insight into the creative mindset of the living progressive house wizard.

No artist in the industry takes such a simplistic yet artistic approach to house music, and Eric’s new EP is just another example of his unequivocal prowess in progressive house.

Through his label, which has helped to launch the careers of the likes of Jeremy Olander and Fehrplay, Prydz has continually pushed the futuristic legs of house music. His progressive productions and enduring status pays homage to his role in the underground music scene as a trailblazer moving forward.

So join me in taking the dive down into Eric Prydz’s rabbit hole and listen in preparation of his greatest album yet come October 2015.

Eric Prydz


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