In case you don’t consider yourself a Belieber, (I suggest revisiting that decision) you might not know that Justin Bieber and his new dreadlocks are going to be at AllState Arena this weekend for back-to-back shows.

As you would expect, Rosemont’s finest venue will be hosting two nights of Bieberpalooza as the Canadian megastar continues touring in support of November’s guilty-pleasure gem collection, Purpose. 

And if you’re trying to see the Biebs up close and personal in the general admission section, hitting your local banking establishment for a loan might be the only way to finance it.

No seriously, if I were to ask for Justin Bieber floor seats as a birthday gift, I wouldn’t be getting any gifts for another six years.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.22.12 PM

Justin Bieber Floor Seats Chicago


For all you bargain hunters out there, hopping on those $802.97 seats Friday looks like the steal of the century.

Even if there wasn’t some jackass listing his tickets for $3,250, those are some of the most absurd ticket prices I’ve ever seen — and I’m probably the biggest fan of “Beauty and a Beat” this side of the Canadian-American border.

But hey, if you recently pissed off your girlfriend and she told you that it’s too late to say sorry, buying Justin Bieber floor seats looks like just the terrible financial decision that proves you’re missing more than just her body.