This is absolutely out of pure selfishness, but we’re about done waiting for the new Kanye West album.

As of this writing, November is already halfway gone – nearly 11 months through the calendar year – and Kanye still hasn’t released his highly anticipated seventh studio album. Or really said anything of substance about it.

Why is he doing this? Great question.

As a whole, 2015 was a down year for hip hop. Although Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly received critical acclaim, others were not so noteworthy:

· Mac Miller released an album.
· Future found time to drop an album, as well as a joint mixtape project.
· Travi$ Scott, Logic, Justin Bieber, and Young Jeezy’s old ass have all have dropped albums in the past month.
· Chris Brown, Rick Ross, and Drake all have definitive release dates for their projects.

On top of being mysterious about the release date (if there is one), Kanye has being wildly indecisive over what the album’s title should be. What started as So Help Me God has now been changed to SWISH, which Kanye self-admitted is likely to change once again.

It’s been roughly 10 months since the album’s first two singles (“All Day” and “Only One”) were released. And by the time we actually get an album, those songs will be considered antiques.

Despite all of the doubt, the new Kanye West album is coming eventually. It has to be, because Travi$ Scott said so.

In an interview with Beats 1 a few weeks ago, Scott made the following remarks about Kanye’s new album:

“That Ye album is nothing to sleep on. That Ye album is coming very soon. It’s lit.”

Way back in June, Scott had even more praise for SWISH (or whatever the hell this album will be called):

“His album is amazing. He’s on his producing shit. He’s on his God-level rapping shit. It’s that Kanye everybody wants. It’s some ultimate shit.”

Wow. I mean, “lit” is a pretty good sign. And while “coming very soon” doesn’t really give us shit to bank on, this anticipation is precisely what Kanye West wanted.

If you saw Seth Rogen’s interview with Seth Meyers, you learned that Travis Scott isn’t the only A-lister that’s a big fan of Kanye’s new album.

I don’t understand Kanye West, but then again I don’t think anyone ever will. What I do know is that within the scope of music – he’s a genius, and all I can assume is that leaving the public in the dark about his latest project is all part of grand master plan to take over the world.

Despite the fact that he hasn’t put his name on an album in 2015 he’s still having one of the best years of his career.

It stands to reason that much of Yeezy’s 2015 success is based around the public’s long-standing anticipation for his seventh studio album. But as we dive deeper into the eleventh month, we’re running out of time before I’m forced to look like a standard bitch and buy it around Christmas time.

I wish I had something more dope or definitive to tell you about Kanye West’s album, but I don’t. All I can tell you is that four of Kanye’s albums have been released on a Tuesday, and three have been released on a Monday.

Until it’s released, my eyes will be filled with tears and my heart will be empty with sadness.

So Kanye, please. I’m, begging you.

Pick a name and release this damn album already.