When I heard the news, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Larry King interviewed David Guetta? That’s weird.

Despite the fact that David Guetta is a money-hungry producer that makes music for the masses, he was incredibly insightful and honest in his interview with King.

Nonetheless, this didn’t stop sassy EDM fans from ripping on him after the video was posted.

Partially, it was because Guetta’s french dialect is difficult to understand. I wouldn’t be surprised to see jokes somewhere saying he sounds like a dog with peanut butter on the roof of his mouth. But for an electronic musician that has essentially built an empire with his hits, the reaction was unfair for such a successful artist.

As a matter of fact, even members of the media unjustly ridiculed the French musician. For example, Spin Magazine went with this headline when they published the interview: “Watch Larry King and David Guetta Fail to Understand Each Other.”

After watching the interview, several times, I became angered by this unnecessary beef towards David Guetta. Because if anybody made an ass of themselves in David Guetta’s interview with Larry King, it was Larry King.

For starters, Larry King doesn’t even know where Ibiza is.

That’s correct. The award-winning, 81-year-old journalist admits in the interview that he has no idea where Ibiza is, despite the fact he’s interviewing one of the world’s most recognized DJ’s.

At the beginning of the interview, Guetta even refers to King as “the face of America.” While I don’t agree with that title whatsoever, Guetta clearly was the only one that did his homework.

As made evident by his lack of knowledge for the genre (because let’s be honest, anybody who knows anything about dance music knows what Ibiza is), this interview was clearly a desperate attempt for King to reach a younger demographic. Which isn’t surprising, because Larry King has pulled publicity stunts like this many times before.

For example, here’s Larry King foolishly dancing to dubstep.

As you saw from our article earlier, we have no problem with Larry King’s interest in EDM. Going outside your comfort zone is always a smart idea, but lacking knowledge on your subject matter is simply unprofessional.

While King does ask Guetta some compelling questions about the industry and his substantial impact on it, he also goes into some downright creepy questions. From Guetta’s “guilty pleasures” to his first kiss, the overall flow of the interview was almost unbearable to watch.

Of course, that will happen when you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.