This post was originally published on 1/22/2015.

With festival frenzy officially underway after the lineup announcements for Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Governors Ball – it’s time to start predicting the big acts for summer in Chicago’s main event: Lollapalooza.

If you’ve been spending your depressing winter thoughts on anything other than Lollapalooza (or Doritos bringing back Fiery Habañero) – then your day-dreaming priorities are way off, my friend.

Lollapalooza is only seven months away.

That being said, it’s never too early to jump on speculating who will be gracing the stages in Grant Park at Lollapalooza 2015.


If you read our post last year, you know we began predicting Lollapalooza headliners far before the lineup came out. And if you followed up, you saw that our picks weren’t far off, either.

Predicting the headliners, especially for a proud festival like Lollapalooza, comes down to two simple things:

1. Probability.

In order to predict the lineup for Lollapalooza, it comes down to a basic matter of probability.

Have they played at Lollapalooza before? If so, when and how many times?

Are they on tour this summer? Are they scheduled to play in Chicago in the immediate months before or after the festival?

What kind of car do they drive?

What is their favorite color?

All of these questions come into play.

2. The other festival lineups (but more specifically, Coachella). 

A look at this year's lineup for Coachella Music Festival.

A look at this year’s lineup for Coachella Music Festival.

Coachella and Lollapalooza shared an eye-opening list of major headliners over the last few years.

In 2012 – it was The Black Keys, Avicii, At The Drive-In, Florence + the Machine, The Shins, Frank Ocean, Calvin Harris, Justice, Kaskade, Miike Snow, M83 and The Weeknd – just to name a few.

In 2013 – the two festivals shared a similar number of headliners. Those included Phoenix, New Order, Vampire Weekend, The Postal Service, Grizzly Bear, Knife Party, the Lumineers, and a few others. However, the correlation in 2012 and 2013 wasn’t nearly as significant as it was for last year’s (2014) lineup.

When the lineup for Lollapalooza 2014 came out – the resemblance to Coachella’s was striking. Each of the two lineups shared massive names like Outkast, Skrillex, Zedd, Foster the People, Chromeo, Lorde, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Chance The Rapper, Flume, Jagwar Ma and many more.

This year, we’d be naive not to expect a similar trend to follow.

So without further adieu, let’s get to the part you really want to read.

Our first round of predictions for the Lollapalooza 2015 lineup, starting with who’s not playing. 

Who Isn’t Playing?


Although the classic hard rock band is headlining Coachella, their wildly-long tour wraps up in Europe the week before Lollapalooza. Despite some potential optimism, it doesn’t seem like they’re going to make it to Grant Park.

With a performance at Wrigley Field in September, you can count them out for sure (see updates below).


For the Canadian progressive-house icon to make a Lollapalooza appearance in 2015, it would be his third performance at the festival, not including a performance at Lollapalooza Chile in 2013.

He’s already headlining the Governors Ball and Bonnaroo, so it’s not completely out of the question, but it’s not probable either. Although he might appear on a lot of other speculation, you have to factor in the Lollapalooza probability here – and consider how few of artists get called for a third headliner slot.


It seems due time for this duo to make a return following their Lollapalooza debut in 2012, but unfortunately they’ve already made plenty of return trips to the Windy City since.

The London-based pair blew up after that performance at the Grove, returning to Chicago just months later for a show at The House of Blues. Then they tore up Lincoln Park Zoo last June, a few months before a Lollapalooza after show on Friday night.

They’ll be back at some point, but probably not in 2015.

Foo Fighters

Count them out, they’re playing at Wrigley Field in late August. And for them to headline at Lollapalooza, C3 would have to break the biggest rule in the book. We gotta think Dave & the gang will return after headlining in 2011, just not this year.

Kanye West 

As anxious fans await the arrival of his latest opus, what better place to premiere it live than Yeezy’s hometown?

No stranger to Lollapalooza, it would be a huge score for them to bring the lightning rod artist back for his third appearance in Chicago.

But still, we have to follow probability. And for Lollapalooza to have Kanye back for a third performance, it would be improbable.

“Hometown hero” or not.

Kendrick Lamar 

Kendrick killed it in his 2013 debut. He is signed on for Bonnaroo this year, but with so many potential hip-hop artists to fill the lineup, an early return to Grant Park doesn’t seem too likely for Mr. Lamar.

Not that we wouldn’t welcome him back with open arms.

Pearl Jam 

Pearl Jam hasn’t played at Lollapalooza since 2007 and drew an enormous crowd to Wrigley Field in 2013. They headlined Austin City Limits this past October, so it is a realistic possibility that Eddie Vedder and company could headline Lollapalooza in 2015.

But for the same reason we’re saying “no” to Kanye West and Deadmau5, we’d be defying odds to say Pearl Jam is a probability.

Taylor Swift 

Sorry if this comes as a shocking disappointment to anyone, but Taylor Swift will not be playing at Lollapalooza 2015.

Besides the fact I just don’t see them pulling the trigger on Taylor, the country-gone-pop superstar is scheduled for back-to-back performances at Soldier Field weeks before the show.

Who Is Playing?


The British foursome blew up in 2013, playing Lollapalooza, Coachella and Bonnaroo that season. Now, after dropping their latest album This Is All Yours in September (which rocketed to the top of UK charts), it seems like a pretty good time for a return trip to Chicago.

And this time, their time slot should be a little later than it was two years ago.


He’s getting a huge slot at Coachella, and with a ton of Chicago performances (but none at Lollapalooza) – you can expect Alesso to light up Perry’s Stage at some point during the weekend. The 23-year-old Swede’s mentor, Sebastian Ingrosso, put on an hour-plus set during a late evening slot at Perry’s last year – and we expect his protege to do the same in 2015.

Chet Faker

He was at North Coast last year, but is not signed on for any of the big festivals so far. His upcoming tour has him overseas with no North American performances.

Looks like a Lollapalooza debut for this young Aussie.


Yes, he’s headlining Coachella and the Governors Ball. But if it’s not going to be Kanye West, it will probably be Drake as this year’s big name hip-hop headliner. After all, he did release three preview tracks from his new upcoming album, ‘Views From The 6,’ just this past October.

Jack Ü

jack u

This is probably the boldest prediction on our list.

Skrillex headlined last year, and Diplo played before Bassnectar in 2009. In 2013, the artists played back-to-back on Perry’s Stage with different collaborations (Skrillex played with Boyz Noize in their Dog Blood project, and Diplo played with Switch for their wildly-popular Major Lazer collaboration).

Now consider the fact that Jack Ü will release their album sometime over the next few months (hopefully weeks), and you’ll see that a headliner performance from this epic collaboration isn’t out of the question.

But maybe we’re just Mad Decent hedonists.

Or OWLSA hedonists.


Jack White 

He’s already scheduled for Lollapalooza Chili in 2015, and has only performed in Grant Park once (back in 2012). So far this year, he’s signed on for Bonnaroo and Coachella.

Despite the potential big-name crossover between the other major music festivals, Jack White at Lollapalooza is starting to add up.

Joey Bada$$

“Unless Pitchfork picks up the boom-bap spit fire (as his debut album, B4DA$$, dropped just yesterday) – expect Joey Bada$$ to make his Lollapalooza debut, scorching the earth with his gritty flow all the while.” – Blake Schwarz, Music Contributor


Not a headliner, but an up-and-comer you should expect to see on the lineup card when it comes out. If you haven’t heard her hit jam “Hideaway,” we encourage you to do so at your earliest convenience.

In fact, we think it was the No. 1 EDM song of 2014.


Odesza is conveniently returning to North America for a Bonnaroo appearance – and that return will likely carry through until late August. Odesza is without question one of the biggest up-and-coming names in EDM, and after getting a “live performance” slot at Ultra Music Festival, it seems even more likely this duo from Seattle will take their talents to Lakeshore in late July.

And if you recall last year’s festival, Lollapalooza is clearly developing a soft-spot for live electronic acts (Chromeo, RAC and Flume all played phenomenal sets last year).

Lock? You betchya.

Check out our review of Odesza’s latest album: “Welcome to the Odesza Revolution

Pretty Lights 

When you consider the sole fact that Pretty Lights has never headlined Lollapalooza (and has recently mastered his new live set), he’s all but a shoe-in to tear up Perry’s Stage at some point over the weekend.

R. Kelly

Another massive wild card.

He has never played at Lollapalooza, and made a surprise cameo performance at last year’s festival when he took the stage with another Chicago artist, Chance the Rapper. Will he have the stage on his own this year?


“The guitar shredding duo blew minds at The Grove in 2011. Like Tame Impala, the Lollapalooza veterans have a wide open schedule this summer – making a return to the Windy City this August even more likely.” – Blake Schwarz, Music Contributor


Much like R. Kelly – Rihanna made a cameo performance at last year’s festival (during Eminem’s performance) and more importantly, has never taken the stage at Lollapalooza. With her name as big as its always been, 2015 seems like a great place to start.

Sam Smith 

This is another wild card, only because there’s not a lot of evidence in support of Sam Smith.

He’s not signed on for any other major music festivals (yet), and his tour ends in May. But as one of the hottest performers right now, could this be the year for Smith’s Lollapalooza debut?

St. Vincent

She is playing all three South American Lollapalooza festivals, and has never played at the festival in Chicago. She’s also puts on a widely-acclaimed live performance, which makes her a clear-cut front-runner for 2015’s lineup.

The Strokes

“The Strokes have played a few festivals as of late, and are slotted to continue their sporadic string with Shaky Knees and Florida’s Big Guava this year. They haven’t been to Grant Park since 2010, and with a new found band vitality and rumblings of working on another album in the near future, it would be quite the score to bring the iconic New York rockers back for another go.” – Blake Schwarz, Contributor

Tame Impala

“With a new album on the horizon and a fairly empty festival schedule (not even Bonnaroo could book the psychedelic rock genius that is Kevin Parker and company), Tame Impala is a likely candidate for summer in Chicago’s main event.” – Blake Schwarz, Music Contributor

Walk The Moon

They played in 2011, and their tour ends in May with an upcoming Chicago appearance. They’re not signed on for any big music festivals thus far, but it has been awhile since they’ve made a Lollapalooza appearance.

Oh yah, and they’re on fire this year.

Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band helped carry a strong Summer Camp lineup last summer, and we think they’ll do the same at Lolla this year. Not to mention, their recent visit to Wrigley drew a massive crowd.

With the recent mix of country and/or folk that’s been included by the festival’s headliners over the last few years (Eric Church, Mumford & Sons, etc.), ZBB makes a lot of darn sense.

(UPDATE: 02/06/2015, 1:03 pm) 

The festival frenzy continues…

Earlier this week, Sasquatch music festival announced their lineup for Memorial Day weekend. According to our friends at Pitchfork:

“Sasquatch takes place on a hilly set of stages at the gorge overlook on the Columbia River Basin, a site that a friend once described as ‘the Hollywood Bowl on the Grand Canyon.’ The music draws people in, but the gorge is what elevates the experience, its sumptuous panoramas lifting even the most rudimentary performances.”

If you want to make a trip to Quincy, Washington in late May – be our guest. But we’re not here to set your summer itinerary, we’re here to predict who is playing at the biggest circle on our summer itinerary.

When we saw the lineup for Sasquatch (below), we couldn’t help but notice some cross-over from a few names on our radar.


From the first wave of predictions (above) – Tame Impala, St. Vincent, Kiesza,  and Odesza all appear on the lineup for Sasquatch.

However, that’s not the most important part. A few of the names that appeared on the lineup for Sasquatch were already on our “maybe” list.

What is the maybe list? Well, it’s the list of artists we haven’t predicted yet.

Thus, here’s who else we think will take the stage in Grant Park this summer at Lollapalooza 2015.

Schoolboy Q

We should have seen this coming.

Oh wait, we did.

Hot Chip 

After teasing a new album with this trippy video, Hot Chip clearly deserves a spot on the short-list for Lolla likelihood. On top of Sasquatch, they’re already scheduled for several major festivals this summer (including The Governor’s Ball).

Hot Chip has played at the festival three times already, including two other appearances at Lollapalooza Chile and Lollapalooza Brazil.

Add that all together, and what do you get? Another lock for Lollapalooza 2015.

The Knocks 

I was introduced to The Knocks when they opened for RAC a few months ago. And though it was the first time I experienced them live, I was certain it wouldn’t be the last.

If you haven’t heard of this funky electronic duo from New York City just yet, then you’re a loser.

But that’s okay. Listen to the song below, and you’ll be a fan immediately.


Awolnation has always been a big favorite over here at, and this year we think Lollapalooza is ready for their debut.

(UPDATE: 02/11/2015, 3:01 pm) 

Like any good mystery, the lineup speculation for Lollapalooza 2015 never ends.

According to, a part of every band’s contract reportedly bars festival performers from playing within 300 miles of Chicago for six months before the festival and three months after it.

What does that mean? Well, it means you won’t be seeing any performances this summer by artists playing at Lollapalooza 2015. But, it also means that as lineup announcement gets closer, the prediction process becomes easier.

Earlier today, ACDC announced they’ll be playing at Wrigley Field on September 15th.

Why does that matter? Well, if you’ve been reading anything we’ve been saying – you’ll see that according to Lollapalooza’s own clauseACDC has been ruled out of the 2015 lineup by default.

But we’re not here to provide all bad news. After some more research and reflection, there’s another name we’re very excited to add to our list of predictions.

Robin Schulz 

If you haven’t heard of Robin Schulz yet, you’ve probably heard his song (“Prayer In C“) on the radio. This German DJ/producer is up-and-coming without question, so don’t be surprised if you see him booked for Perry’s Stage when the lineups are announced.

Listen to his mix with Thomas Jack which we’ve conveniently linked below.

And of course, have a great day.

(UPDATE: 02/13/2015, 11:23 am) 

This morning, Pitchfork Music Festival announced their lineup for another annual rendezvous in Union Park. And from the looks of it – they’ll be hosting another impressive roster of outside-the-box artists this year with Run The Jewels, CHVRCHES, Panda Bear and my personal favorite – ASAP Ferg.

Surely people are going coo-coo for Wilco, and probably some over Chance the Rapper. So although this lineup doesn’t interfere with our predictions for Lollapalooza 2015 whatsoever, it’s definitely worth a closer look:


(UPDATE: 02/20/2015, 6:15pm) 

Earlier this week, Dancing Astronaut posted this leak – which insinuates that Jack Ü will be the surprise headliner for Spring Awakening Music Festival:


Here’s a look at the headliners so far:


What does this mean? Well, a few things.

  1. If it’s true, that means Jack Ü will be playing at Spring Awakening Music Festival this summer. Maybe that was obvious.

  2. If it’s true, one of our predictions above would be incorrect. Due to Lollapalooza’s radius clause that we mentioned above – Skrillex and Diplo would not technically be able to play at both festivals. Not to mention, it would be unlikely they’d play two major festivals in Chicago (or the Midwest for that matter) to begin with.

While it would be sad if this news was true, it would also be good news.

Why? Because Chicago should feel blessed that these two Gods are even willing to grace us with their presence.

Oh yah, and there’s this:


(UPDATE: 02/26/2015, 12:13pm) 

Here’s yet another addition we’re ecstatic about. In case you haven’t heard of Galantis yet, this song would be a good place to start.

After releasing a handful of record-breaking singles in 2014 (including “Smile”, “Runaway” and “You”), Galantis has continued to dominate electro-pop in 2015. They were recognized at the Grammy’s with Kaskade’s edit of “Smile” (nominated for Best Classical Remix), which is just one of many reasons they’ve ascended rapidly in the electronic scene.

Galantis consists of band members Linus Eklöw, known for his solo work as Style of Eye, and Christian Karlsson – a member of Swedish band Miike Snow.

Miike Snow performed at Lollapalooza in 2009 and 2013, but with the splash that this new collaboration is making – there’s a very good chance that Christian Karlsson could make his third appearance in Grant Park this summer.

(UPDATE: 03/02/2015, 12:53pm)

Ah, March. The beautiful month that brings us better weather, St. Patrick’s Day, college basketball and fake Lollapalooza lineups.

With tickets going on sale sometime in the very near future, it’s pretty normal to see “lineup leaks” start to pop up. Like this one that’s been going around Twitter this morning:

Lollapalooza Lineup LeakDamn. I think we speak for just about everybody in saying that lineup is stacked. And hell, maybe it’s not fake. It’s just always better to be pessimistic when it comes to these things, so as not to build our (our your) hopes up.

However, there are plenty of names on the above list that match our initial rounds of predictions (scroll to the top of the post). Alt-J, Chet Faker, Tame Impala, Drake, Rihanna, Jack White, Kiesza, Odesza, Sam Smith, Awolnation, Schoolboy Q and Hot Chip are all names we’ve got on our radar that made the “leaked lineup.”

So that’s a good sign that all those artists are probably going to be in Grant Park this summer. The biggest two names on the leak above that we don’t have: Kanye West and Porter Robinson. Neither would be out of the question, I think they just fall in our initial “too good to be true” category. But with Kanye’s new album coming out any time now, maybe it’s time to start thinking he might actually be there with Rihanna.

Stay tuned.

(UPDATE: 03/13/2015, 3:53pm)

Well, that time is near.  Before we know it, the Lollapalooza 2015 lineup will be out – and preparation for summer will officially commence.

So far, here’s who we’ve predicted to perform:

  • Alt-J
  • Alesso
  • Awolnation
  • Chet Faker
  • Drake
  • Galantis
  • Hot Chip
  • Jack Ü (however, it’s been confirmed that they will not be playing. Read this.)
  • Jack White
  • Joey Bada$$
  • Kiesza
  • The Knocks (they just released their new album, click here to read about it.)
  • Odesza
  • Pretty Lights
  • R. Kelly
  • Ratatat
  • Rihanna
  • Robin Schulz
  • Sam Smith
  • Schoolboy Q
  • St. Vincent
  • The Strokes
  • Tame Impala
  • Walk The Moon
  • Zac Brown Band (it’s been confirmed they will not be playing either, after announcing a show in early September at Wrigley Field.)

kanye-westNow that the list has been fleshed out even more, we decided to place a poll on reddit and gauge which artist fans want to see the most.

We simply asked, “If you could pick one artist to play at Lollapalooza 2015, who would it be?” In response, we received quite the influx of feedback.

The full results of our poll are below, and you can see who the clear favorite is. and click here to see the all of the comments.

Kanye West: 16 votes
Daft Punk: 4 votes
The Strokes: 3 votes
Drake: 3 votes
Muse: 2 votes
Prince: 2 votes

Artists that received a single vote:

Danny Brown
Frank Ocean
Hologram Michael Jackson
Iron Maiden
Kim Kardashian’s Husband
Modest Mouse
Paul McCartney
Pearl Jam
Rage Against The Machine
The Shins
St. Vincent
Twenty One Pilots
The War On Drugs

As you can see from the votes, it’s pretty clear who Lollapalooza wants to see this summer. The only question now is whether or not Kanye West wants to see Lollapalooza.

lollapalooza-lineup(UPDATE: 03/24/2015, 10:53pm)

Well folks, we may have our first lineup leak for Lollapalooza 2015.

Paul McCartney, Bassnectar, Sam Smith, A$AP Rocky, Dillon Francis, Kaskade, Kid Cudi, Metallica…you name it.

According to a reddit thread posted and hour ago, the list we’ve copied below was sent to user dukebd2010 was sent the list of artists from a friend.

[quote_box_center]Was sent this lineup early today. A friend said he got it from a Chicago Tribune writer (as you can see inbetwen days). It matches every single Lolla snapchat today.[/quote_box_center]

It’s almost past my bedtime, so I’m going to keep this brief.

There’s several reasons why this lineup could very well be the real deal.

A. None of the artists below are on our list of doubtful performers.
B. In turn, a countless number of the artists below are in our list of probable performs. We’ll let you do the cross-referencing.
C. Personally, I know for a fact that three of the artists below are scheduled to play for Lollapalooza 2015. For the same reason I didn’t mention them in our updates above; I won’t be mentioning them here either due to conflicting interests.
D. Last, but certainly not least, the reporter that has leaked the Lollapalooza lineup in years past was Greg Kot – a music critic for the Chicago Tribune.

We’ll let you do the math. With the lineup release for Lollapalooza not far away, don’t be surprised to see the list below when it does.

Because long story short, the list below makes more sense than anything we’ve seen yet.


Apparently this isn’t real as I’ve been told. Was told to leave it up anyways.

“July 31: Paul McCartney, The Weeknd, Alt-J, Alabama Shakes, Kaskade, Dillon Francis, Gary Clark Jr., Flying Lotus, Hot Chip, the War on Drugs, DJ Snake, Sylvan Esso, MS MR, Tove Lo, Glass Animals, St. Paul & the Broken Bones, First Aid Kit, DJ Mustard, James Bay, Broods, MisterWives, What So Not, Sxa, Jamestown Revival, Philip Selway, Young Thug, Coasts, Destructo, Borns, Badbadnotgood, Mighty Oaks, Bear’s Den, Peking Duk, Black Pistol Fire, Spookyland, Bully, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, Kyle Thornton & the Company, The New Pacific, Daye Jack, The Pop Ups, Q Brothers, School of Rock AllStars, The Jimmies, Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips.

It likely took some big dollars to snag McCartney, who normally headlines stadiums without an opening act. He sold out two nights at Wrigley Field in 2011, and could easily fill Grant Park by himself. The undercard includes the fast-rising Alabama Shakes, who are primed for a breakout year as their latest album arrives in April. The Weeknd also brings an increasingly formidable reputation as an alternative R&B star, though his act didhadn’t quite translated to the big stage at Lolla a few years ago. He also looks to be playing opposite McCartney, which could cut into his draw just a tad, don’t you think? Those ready for a sweaty, soul-dance party shouldn’t miss St. Paul & the Broken Bones. Brit James Bay won raves at the recent South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas.

Aug. 1: Metallica, Sam Smith, Alesso, Tame Impala, Kid Cudi, Brand New, Carnage, G-Easy, Walk the Moon, Tyler the Creator, The Tallest Man on Earth, Banks, Chet Faker, Sturgill Simpson, Death From Above 1979, Toro y Moi, Charli XCX, Django Django, Boys Noize, Delta Spirit, RL Grime, Givers, Ryn Weaver, Travi$ Scott, Caked Up, Hermitude, Wet, Holychild, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Zella Day, Mr. Eden, Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas, Snbrn, Ellie King, Beat Connection, Mick Jenkins, Raury, Jack Novak, Pell, White Sea, Hippo Campus, Coin, Danny Weinkauf, School of Rock Allstars, The Jimmies, Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips, The Helmets.

Is there a stranger pairing than aging metal monsters Metallica and U.K. neo-soul crooner Sam Smith? No doubt they’ll be playing at opposite sides of Grant Park in the headlining slots to close Day 2. Australian psychedelic rockers Tame Impala should not be missed. Sturgill Simpson is the token country performer, and his skewed take on traditional honky-tonk is worth a break from the rock newbies choking the undercard. Pop songwriter Charli XCX also should provide a change of pace.

Aug. 2: Florence + the Machine, Bassnectar, Of Monsters and Men, A$AP Rocky, TV On The Radio, Nero, twenty one pilots, Nicky Romero, Kygo, Marina and the Diamonds, FKA Twigs, Lord Huron, Gogol Bordello, Stromae, Odesza, Logic, The Chainsmokers, Wild Belle, Twin Peaks, Angus & Julia Stone, George Ezra, Strand of Oaks, Moon Taxi, Shakey Graves, Galantis, Night Terrors of 1927, Alison Wonderland, Circa Waves, DMAs, Sheppard, Mako, Skylar Spence, the Wombats, Halsey, Lion Babe, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Vérité, Jacklndn, Zebra Katz, the Lonely Biscuits, SirenXX, In the Whale, Atarah Valentine, The Pop Ups, Danny Weinkauf, Motown Pete, Q Brothers, School of Rock Allstars”

[/quote_box_center](Photos courtesy of Lollapalooza, Teemu008, beautiful-dissaster, Dmytro Sergiyenko, and Paul K)