Despite issues with the event in recent years, the infamous Mad Decent Block Party will return to Chicago on Saturday, September 26th.

The event was cancelled in 2013 and 2014 because of stampedes. That’s correct, there was an actual stampede at the event in 2012.

This video from a few years ago shows the entire incident. It’s pretty nuts and worth a quick watch when your boss is done making you cut his toenails.

According to Chicagoist, here’s the background story of why there was such a violent bumrush of bassheads into the event:

After reaching capacity early in the afternoon, the hundreds of teens and 20-somethings denied entrance became rowdy, rude and riotous. After several waves of gate jumpers overwhelmed security and crowds began pushing the barrier fences in, event organizers and the CPD shut it down, barely halfway through the scheduled programming.

Riot, stampede, whatever. Call it what you want to call it. It doesn’t take a sheriff to explain why the event was cancelled in 2013 and 2014 despite operating on an annual basis since 2009. 

Now, the elephant in the room is whether or not this will happen again. Knowing the rowdy Mad Decent supporters that are bound to show up on September 26th, the only thing that will change about the crowd is its size. And hopefully, security measures will be taken to make sure everybody has a safe and pleasant riot. 

While all signs point towards the Mad Decent Block Party’s return to the Windy City in 2015, a late cancellation wouldn’t be out of the cards. The event has managed to find a way around the city’s strict and selective policies towards outdoor music festivals, probably because it’s now being run by React Presents. 

Although the event is taking more of a “professional” approach towards the 2015 event, there has yet to be a venue set. And on top of that, the only confirmed artist worth nothing is Major Lazer. 

Don’t get me wrong, Major Lazer on the lineup makes this headline news by itself. But with so many prime up-and-comers on Mad Decent’s label, it’s disappointing to see that Towkio and UZ are the only other artists on the roster.

First off, a hometown visit from Flosstradamus seems only fitting. Performances from Dillon Francis, Zeds Dead and Yellow Claw would also be spectacular – but don’t set your expectations that high.

So far, Dillon Francis is only scheduled for one show on the entire Mad Decent Block Party tour. Along with DJ Snake, Francis is also scheduled for a heavily-anticipated set at Lollapalooza in late July – which technically bans both of the artists from playing at the block party (due to Lolla’s senseless radius clause).

We’ll let you know when the other three artists are announced, and if/when the event decides to pick a place to throw it at. But if you would like to spend $60 on an event that we know almost nothing about so far, you can buy tickets right here.


(Featured Photo courtesy of Shane McCauley)