On Sunday night, Justin Bieber made a mockery of his talent when he made a guest appearance at Jack U’s live set to close out Ultra Music Festival 2015.

With a performance that was filled with lip-syncing, blank stares and some dance ensemble reminiscent of a physically challenged Usher – the night undoubtedly ended on a poor note.

On the same weekend his roast aired on Comedy Central, Bieber went from reviving his career to jumping back down the rabbit hole.

Can you blame him? Hell no, he only just turned 21.

Give the kid a break.

Age is a funny thing – the older you get; the more you respect the fountain of youth. Kurt Vonnegut once said, “True fear is waking up and realizing your high school class is running the country.”

Personally, that day happened to me a few years back. But for many of you, the following name might instill the same fear in you.

Do you like long-haired, internationally worshiped, multi-faceted musicians?

Do you like artists born in 1994?

Do you like superstars who found stardom through a putting a video on YouTube?

Then you’ll love the protagonist of this story.

He, however, isn’t Canadian. And he didn’t lip-sync during the closing set of the most heralded electronic music festival in North America.

Enter Hugo Pierre Leclercq, aka Madeon.

While French producer Madeon may only be twenty years young, his debut studio album Adventure plays like an orchestral epic conceptualized over a lifetime of dedication to the art of music making.

Yes, he may sound like a character out of a Jean Luc-Godard film — and he very well could be one day.

How could an artist produce something of such magnitude at such a young age?

When asked about the inception of the album in an interview with MTV, Hugo responded wiser than your Grandpa after a pint of Schnapps:

“I wanted to wait until I had something that needed to be expressed in album format. To me, that was to conclude the experience of my teenage years. I felt I was changing as a musician and as a person, I wanted to capture where I was at.”

Talk about inspiration. It’s too bad that everybody can’t look back on our past experiences with such a positive outlook for the future.

Released on March 30th, 2015, Adventure includes twelve tracks featuring the likes of Bastille, Passion Pit, and Mark Foster (Foster the People). The deluxe version includes previously released singles Icarus, Finale, The City, Cut the Kid, Technicolor, and a bonus track in collaboration with Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

In February, Madeon announced through Twitter that he was working on a new live show based on the album aptly named ‘Adventure Live.’ The tour starts in April and will stop at 22 cities across North America, with a finale in London.

On top of the tour, the album release alone has made noteworthy headlines over the past few months.

FIFA15 Puts Madeon On The International Map

As part of his millennial-targeted marketing strategy for the album, Madeon streamlined the lead single “Imperium” to chart-topping notoriety by releasing the first single from Adventure on the soundtrack of last year’s highest selling video game in the world, FIFA 15.

To put it into perspective, the game itself sold 4,349,133 copies on PS4 in 2014, the most of any game on any gaming system.

The tagline for FIFA 15 is “Feel the Game.”

When asked about his intent with “Imperium,” Madeon said his intent stemmed from “a feeling to capture the feeling of confidently walking into adversity.”

Talk about creating content for your consumer.

The Madeon Adventure Midi Controller

On March 18th, Madeon released the Adventure Machine.

Launched as a promotional tool, the web app allows anyone to mix stems from his album Adventure together using either a phone, tablet, computer or Novation Launchpad.

Madeon posted on his Facebook about the ground-breaking maneuver, exclaiming, “You can combine samples from my album and create new mash-ups and mixes. It’s easy and fun, and I’ve been doing it for the past two hours.”

Whether you’re like me and have no musical background whatsoever, don’t let the complex interface scare you away. That’s called sarcasm.

Just trust me on this one, it’s worth wasting 15 minutes at work to mess around on this bad boy/girl.

Not feeling tone deaf never sounded so good.

The Artwork of Madeon & His Cryptic Language

Hugo Leclercq designs all of his album artwork. Just let that sink in for a second. In a league of extraordinary artists including Feed Me and Porter Robinson, Madeon uses his artwork to complement his music in order to exemplify the journey of a full length album.

When asked about the art for Adventure, he stated:

“Escaping a city to reach the desert.”

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, the former statement is worth a thousand pictures.

The Adventure artwork also includes many cryptic messages written in the typical Madeon alphabet.


Somebody has a little too much time on their hands…

The code has been an ongoing project for Hugo, and the hidden messages have yet to be decoded by the general public (even though the masses are at work).

When it comes to finding your path in life, don’t let age become a factor.

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, and nobody exemplifies that better than Hugo Leclercq. The following statement by Madeon sheds light on his creative process as a musician and as an artist.

[quote_box_center]“One of my favourite methods is when I wake up in the morning and lock myself in the studio. I start a clock for 24 hours and don’t leave until it’s finished. After about 12 hours, you start to reach a more vulnerable place. There’s always something special that happens at the 16th hour, you feel like you can’t take it anymore, and you hate yourself. Sometimes this is the feeling you need to write something different. You’re just in that emotional, vulnerable place.”[/quote_box_center]

It’s a rare look into the mindset of a future music icon, and it’s the perfect introduction for an album that truly cannot be appreciated with just one listen.

Enjoy the music, value the art, and for heavens sake turn off that damn dub-step!

Just kidding. Turn that shit up louder.


  • “Isometric” (Intro)
  • “Youre On” (Featuring Kyan)
  • “OK” (featuring Charli XCX and Ed Drewett)
  • “La Lune” (featuring Dan Smith)
  • “Pay No Mind” (featuring Passion Pit)
  • “Beings”
  • “Imperium”
  • “Zephyr” (featuring vocals by Madeon)
  • “Nonsense” (featuring Mark Foster)
  • “Innocence” (featuring Aquilo)
  • “Pixel Empire”
  • “Home” (featuring vocals by Madeon)