Vanity record label OWSLA has been busy over the past couple years. Founder Sonny “Skrillex” Moore and co-founders Tim “Bitvargen” Smith, Kathryn Frazier, and Clayton Blaha have been hard at work tackling side projects like Nest HQ (OWSLA’s blog), OWSLA IV (subscription program), as well as keeping up with their regular album and single releases. 


OWSLA’s blog, Nest HQ, re-launched the sub-label formerly hosted on to now provide all releases as free downloads. The sub-label’s first release on the Nest HQ was AC Slater’s Back to the Floor EP.

In a similar fashion, OWSLA’s subscription program, OWSLA IV, allows monthly subscribers to early access or exclusive tracks and remixes, remix stems, DJ sets, discounts, and other rare/exclusive items. The subscription exclusively featured on also includes other participating labels Mad Decent and Fool’s Gold Records.

With all of the additional amenities provided by OWSLA, what more could you ask for?

Oh, wait. I forgot to mention the consistent onslaught of single and album releases from some of the most impressive electronic music producers in the game today.

Just take a look at past musicians that have released music under the OWSLA name.

Alvin RiskBirdy Nam NamCrookersDestructoDillon FrancisMonstaPorter RobinsonRuskoSkreamSub FocusZedd.

Needless to say, OWSLA lives at the forefront of electronic dance music not only as a record label, but as a symbol of the power of art, creativity, and doing what you love from 9-5.

And on that note, here’s a little treat from the OWSLA team themselves in the form of a Spring Compilation.

Buy it on iTunesBeatport and Spotify.

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