It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, there will always be people that disagree with you. Even if you’re right, people will always tell you that you’re wrong.

Hell, everybody sucks. You suck sometimes, and you’re probably even willing to admit.

So, because we all suck sometimes, let this post serve as inspiration. Or use it as motivation. Or print it off and use it as a kleenex. But whatever you do, remember that even Skrillex had haters.

Despite the fact he’s one of the most influential musicians of our generation, people still found ways to hate on Skrillex over the years.

So, we dug through the internet. And here’s the best ones we found: December 24th, 2010

“Skrillex, the crazy looking rising star, who some say is on his way to becoming the next Deadmau5 in terms of the “new cool DJ”, we’ll see. His latest track is fire through, it’s called Cat Rats. It starts off a little funky, then at about a minute in a half the signature Skrillex drop comes in. He then just smashes the bass for the rest of the song. Find some massive subs, blast this, and enjoy!” –

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LA Weekly | March 28th, 2012

“Skrillex took a bunch of things that didn’t go together and stacked them on top of each other, which is a shitty methodology for making a sandwich but is apparently aces for making dubstep tracks.” – LA Weekly

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“Sure, there are those who just listen to him when working out, completely oblivious to the American dubstep (bro step) debate raging among comment sections of the web, but popular opinion is that either the guy is some kind of EDM genius, or some kind of evil force that is trying to destroy music as we know it….On a positive note, I do think the kid has talents that could be used for better things.” –

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Random Message Board | January 26th, 2011

“My opinion – time will tell. If Skrillex really has skills (which IMO he doesn’t), his shit will endure. Otherwise, he’ll come and go and he’ll be flipping burgers at In-N-Out in short order. Also in my opinion, he’s not a dubstep artist, and either he or his promoters are riding the “Dubstep is the ‘in’ genre so let’s call it that” train.

The best way I can describe my distaste for Skrillex is just the lack of “depth” or “soul” in his music.” – insbordnat

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OC Weekly | February 22nd, 2012

“What’s everyone’s obsession with Skrillex hair ? I like my girls with a full head of hair, please.” – OC Weekly

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