Red Bull has a good habit of giving opportunities to those who need them.

They give energy to those who are zombie-ing through life. Last year, they streamed Lollapalooza for the poor unfortunate souls who couldn’t go.

And now they’re bringing their ‘Thre3style‘ competition back to Chicago.

Thre3style gives lesser known DJs a chance to get their name out there, and it’s going down at Concord Music Hall (Logan Square) on Thursday, February 5th.

While we love talking about the biggest things in EDM, we also know the importance of introducing more unknown artists you might be missing out on – you know, the Skrillex’s and Bassnectar’s of the world.

In all seriousness, Red Bull is giving some of these artists literal wings with Thre3style – which started back in 2011 and seeks out the best DJs from cities all over the globe, then pits them against each other to find a new world champ every year.

Basically the Hunger Games for DJ’s, without all the death and Jennifer Lawrence.

Ok, so not really like the Hunger Games at all, but still steeply competitive. Every DJ has 15 short minutes to prove their stuff, and they’re judged by five key elements that test both skill and giving the people what they want:

1) Technical ability
2) Crowd Reaction
3) Originality in song choices
4) Confidence in performing
5) Mixing Prowess

The criteria makes it clear Thre3style doesn’t mess around when it comes to judging talent, and it’s pretty objective. Not to mention, it doesn’t discriminate.

If you look at past DJs who’ve made it to the final round, more than expected are female. And given that female DJs are kind of like unicorns in the DJ world, it’s a pretty good sign that talent trumps everything at Thre3style.

Go if you want to see an intense music competition. Go if you’re bored. Hell, go if you don’t give half a shit about the competition and just want to know which Chicago DJs will have clubs going up on Tuesdays in the future.


Whatever your reason, check out Red Bull’s Thre3style’s event on Thursday, February 5th at Concord Music Hall. Doors open at 9, and the real thing starts at 10.

And if you’re an old person and 10 is past your bedtime, then don’t worry – it’s a Red Bull event, so they’re should be plenty of wings available to keep you awake.