There are many comparisons to the first time I experienced Robert DeLong in concert.

Born in Bothell, WA (a city outside of Seattle), DeLong imitated his father by taking up drums at the age of 10. Self-described as a nerd, Robert played in various rock and folk bands throughout his teens. Ultimately, it was all preparation for this “one-man futuristic dance party.”

He sings. He drums. And he spins.

Long story short, Robert DeLong can (and does) do it all.

Radio hits are one thing, but remastering the live electronic performance is another. Nobody mixes rock and electronic quite like Robert DeLong does. Maybe there’s a comparison in quality, but not in style. Because what this artist is doing is not only original, it’s next-level.

According to MTV, DeLong has already dubbed his growing fanbase The Tribe of the Orphans, an “apt name for the visual extravaganza the audience provides for every show with their Neverland imagery.” Just like his fans in the crowd, DeLong paints his face with vibrant colors before every show. And on top of that, he has Mario Kart bedsheets.

Revolutionary or not, my excitement over this artist was only amplified when I overheard his smash hit on Q101 last week. Flashing back to his performance at Mamby On The Beach, I had no idea that “Restless Mind” was the work of Robert DeLong (not a remix like I thought).

After all, that’s the power of music festivals. They show you the artists you should feel like an idiot for not knowing about.

Whether I was judging a book by its cover, or the music industry is even more congested than I thought, Robert DeLong caught my eyes and my ears in striking fashion.

So far this summer, I’ve seen a lot of shows and eaten a lot of hot dogs. And while the hot dogs part is completely irrelevant, my point is pretty brief and straightforward.

This musician named Robert DeLong is absolutely ridiculous.

Listen to Robert Delong’s new track, “Don’t Wait Up” and follow him on Facebook.