Rogue knows no boundaries, neither in his music or his persona.

His reputation can only be surpassed by the complexity and depth of his work. Joel Hunt of Birmingham, England didn’t take the usual path to stardom we see in the music industry today. Never being taught musical theory, Rogue discovered the concept of music at a very young age by testing instruments and singing for fun.

Little did he know, those hours of messing around in his room would pay off big time. Pulling inspiration from artists like Muse, Joel didn’t truly come out of his artistic shell until he heard the progressive sounds of Skrillex and Nero.

In October 2011, Rogue released some of his dub-step remixes and original tracks on his YouTube page. His music spread faster than poison ivy on your bum bum.

Rogue has followed up the everlasting single “Night After Night” with another bonafide track in “Atlantic”. The latest electro track from Monstercat takes you on a journey through growling base-lines, beautifully constructed synths and a orchestral breakdown worthy of Hans Zimmer’s approval.

Put on a diaper, because this one’s got panty-dripper written all over it.

Too much?

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