Killer Mike and El-P – collectively known as in-your-face rap duo Run The Jewels – gave us another preview of their new album, Run The Jewels 3, the only way they know how.

By uploading a preview to Instagram, acting like complete goons, and blatantly smoking weed in celebration of the occasion.


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As of this writing, the music world is waiting on the most anticipated rap album of the year: Kanye West’s Life of Pablo.

But in terms of awaited rap releases, Run The Jewels 3 isn’t very far behind. This will be the third self-titled installment from Killer Mike and El-P, who were literally everywhere after Run The Jewels 2 received excellent reviews and took off.

In other words, we weren’t the only ones who said it was rap’s album of the year in 2014.

Naturally, 2015 was primarily devoted to touring in the wake of RTJ2‘s success. But as Killer Mike showed us in the cloudy video above, Run The Jewels 3 will soon be a reality.

RTJ are slotted to play at Coachella in April, but don’t currently have any other shows booked. That probably means RTJ3 will drop before their Coachella performance – which should be one of the highlights of the two weekends out West.

Unfortunately, we don’t see RTJ making their return to Lollapalooza this summer, but you can put a sizeable bet down now that they’ll be at Grant Park in 2017.

By then, I think Run The Jewels 3 will have done alright for itself.