After their latest original remix of Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G., “Teknotize” was the latest track from Savoy that made our ears buzz.

Now, the trio is teaming up with an artist we’ve had our eye on for quite some time, Sound Remedy.

In their collaboration with Jojee, the two artists merge their sounds masterfully, crafting together Savoy’s rock-influenced basslines with Sound Remedy’s irresistible melodic chops. “Leaving You” is a testament to Savoy’s status in the industry, while Sound Remedy’s role is equally as significant.

Nobody thought strawberries and orange juice would be a good pair. But Savoy and Sound Remedy’s collaboration is as tasty as strawberry orange juice.

If you have better comparisons than that, please call our agent at 1-800-FUCK-YOU. And listen to their new track below, which was unfortunately premiered exclusively on with the following typo-filled information:

“TSIS regulars Savoy and Sound Remedy have teamed up for an unexpected collaboration with both artists venturing into some new territory. “Leaving You” lets us hear Savoy’s rock infused hard bass sound with Sound Remedy’s melodic dubstep influence with a twist of future bass with singer Jojee completing the track. Stream the premiere of the full song below and you can pick up via Monstercat April 13th.”

I guess some publications count on their status to carry them through. We politely disagree.

What if Savoy and Sound Remedy decided to forgo the mastering process when producing the collaboration, “Leaving You”?

You’d be pissed off and probably try to call them out for being lazy.

While this song is sick, the write-up is sickening.

Pun intended, through and through.