Picture this.

You’re sitting on your computer, rampantly scrolling through SoundCloud and the endless lists of generic remixes, mismanaged mash-ups, and forced bootlegs in search of a live set from an artist you saw last weekend. After twenty minutes of endless failed queries, you give up and resort to streaming some half-ass live rip uploaded at 256 kbps by VulcanTiTs1985.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself one simple question:

In our modernized, technologically driven society – why is it so hard to find a live set on the internet?

[quote_right]In our modernized, technologically driven society, why is it so hard to find a live set on the internet?[/quote_right]

Well friend, search no more. SetMine has just ended your frustrations.

The Florida-based startup has built a platform for you to find every live set you’ll ever need. Imagine a tool (and an app) that centers around streaming live sets and event discovery 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Essentially, it’s the raver’s dream.

SetMine co-founders, Jesus Najera and Oscar Lafarga, came up with the platform’s concept after attending Ultra Music Festival with his friends back in high school. 

“We wanted to re-live the highlights from that experience by streaming the sets, but failed to find any sets in a centralized, easy to use platform.” Najera explained. “There was a clear demand for a set-oriented platform.”

SetMine’s predecessor, “StrEDM”, launched back in July of 2013 and set the foundation for Najera and Oscar’s innovative plan of attack.

“Oscar Lafarga and I had virtually no programming knowledge prior to developing the first version of StrEDM. We googled ‘how to make a website’ in July 2013, and never stopped learning”.

Let’s make one thing clear: SetMine has no plans of opening up the app to user-generated material for two reasons:

– User-generated content increases the possibility of illegal content being uploaded.

– They want to make sure they deliver the best audio quality possible.

Optimal sound quality and quality assurance guaranteed. What more could the avid electronic music listener ask for? 

Well, that brings us to our next point: SetMine

The search features on SetMine are endless.

Search by artist, event, genre, mix show, your mood, a specific activity, or simply by what’s currently trending on their site. Whether you’re pre-gaming on a Friday night with your bros or relaxing on a Tuesday evening with your sugar mamma, SetMine provides a neatly categorized search option for your listening pleasure.

And if sitting around your apartment alone listening to live sets alone doesn’t sound like your ideal Friday night (because it shouldn’t), use the website and app’s event discovery section to figure out what’s going on in a city near you. Maybe you could even find somebody to listen to SetMine with after the show. That way, when your parents ask, you can tell them you have friends. Probably don’t use that as your selling point, though.

Picture this.

It’s Spring Awakening Music Festival weekend and you get back to your apartment after the Friday night headliner and can’t stop raving (pun intended) about that one song they closed their set with. The next morning, serious music withdrawal kicks in – and the only thing that will get you through the rest of the weekend is finding that one song you didn’t have the wherewithal (or sobriety) to Shazam the night before.

If only there was an app that identified the exact track list for each set within their catalog of live music. 

Oh wait…

With the touch of a button, SetMine allows the user to scroll through every song on the set, see where the song begins and ends, and automatically skip to that specific song if deemed necessary (which we know it is, otherwise you wouldn’t be bitching about not knowing what the damn song is called).

Sometimes, a little technological innovation can go a long way in the music industry. And that’s exactly where SetMine is headed.

Download SetMine from the App Store or Android Marketplace today, or join the revolution by visiting their website here.

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But whatever you do, stop wasting time finding live music elsewhere and leave it to the professionals.