Shaquille O’Neal reeks of success. The facts rest in the numbers.

7 ft 1 in, 325 lbs.

Net worth of over $250 million.

1st overall pick in the 1992 NBA Draft.

4-time NBA champion.

15-time NBA All-Star.

While his professional basketball statistics remain impressive in their own right, his post-career stats aren’t far behind.

He’s an analyst on TNT, owns his own comedy network, has his own show on Tru TV, hosts a kid’s award show, and has his own video game app. Need I go on?

Even with all of these different side jobs, Shaquille O’Neal still has time for one more passion project: DJ-ing.

As his newest alter ego DJ Diesel, Shaq made his debut at last weekend’s TomorrowWorld Festival in Atlanta.

The former Los Angeles Laker also released his first EDM song entitled, “My Squads Lit,” a collaboration with some dude named Kryoman.

Shrouded in myth since the early days of rave, the half man, half machine known as Kryoman has been blowing minds inside the electronic music underground since nearly its inception. As ‘rave’ began to rise like a phoenix from the underground, so too did Kryoman. Year after year, the man and the machine continued to evolve in a nearly streamlined path with dance music. At the core if his being, Kryoman is the very essence of electronic. A total and complete cerebral and emotional takeover, culminating in a synergistic explosion of aural and visual madness. The robot, as he has come to be known, takes revelers to a whole new realm of reality. He is the energy and the link that ties the artist with the audience, because, when the robot engages, he is channeling both.

With his voice pitched down, you might not pick up on Shaq’s quintessential tone early on.

That’s probably because it was auto-tuned to shit.


What a crowd banger. I’ll be sending this to my grandma right away.

Oh wait, my grandma doesn’t listen to wannabe trap artists. She’s more into that future bass good good.

So the song sucks. We can agree upon that. But WHAT IF IT WAS SPLICED TO A SUPERCUT OF KAZAAM, starring Shaquille O’Neal?

You’re welcome.