Skrillex touched down in Chicago this past weekend. And by that, we mean he graced us with his presence.

In case you didn’t know, he played at Navy Pier and then the Mid on Saturday night. And according to rumors, even found time for a quick spin at Underground after the Bulls beat the Hornets on Sunday night. Oh yah, he made a visit to the United Center as well.

In his appearance at the U.C., Skrillex decided to take photos with just about everybody. He was wearing a Derrick Rose jersey the entire time, and posted every single photo to his internationally-beloved Instagram account.

We’re not worthy.

Can you say rockstar? This is probably the first time we’ve actually been jealous of the Lovabulls themselves, not the guy with them.

Okay…how the hell did Benny the Bull know Skrillex would be at the Bulls game? Do you think Jerry Reinsdorf knows what dubstep is? Do you think Jerry Reinsdorf thinks dubstep is a type of pivot?

One of the most talented people of our generation…next to a statue of Michael Jordan.

Finally, not to say the hoops in the video below are regulation size, but Sonny Moore is actually way better at basketball than you’d think:

Photos courtesy of Skrillex’s Instagram