Over 85,000 people visited Nocturnal Wonderland this year with an average daily attendance of just under 30,000.

Nearly 200 people were taken into custody, according to San Bernardino County sheriff’s Capt. Stephen Dorsey. 76 people were arrested Friday and 123 were arrested Saturday, and the majority of those were for people trying to sneak in.

That’s the bad. Want the good?

Then I’ll have to refer you to Slander’s set and the video that follows.

 (drops the mic ferociously)

(picks it back up)

After the festival, Slander took to his Facebook to spread the love for his dedicated fans:

“Last night… something incredible happened..
Last night we played the greatest show of our lives on the MAIN STAGE at NOCTURNAL!!!! We brought out NGHTMRE & DJ 4B… we had WAVZ sing ‘Love Again’ LIVE for the finale.. we had all our friends and family there..

there’s something about nights like this that make all of this worth doing.. together we created a moment that will last through the test of time.. AND IT WAS ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR GUYS LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!!

We want to say thank you for letting us live our dreams.. we never thought we could top last years surprise Main Stage set… but we can say with confidence what happened last night was in a league of its own…

You guys are the best fans in the world and we love each and every one of you… we hope some of you had the best night of your lives last night…

we definitely did.”

Nocturnal Wonderland, formerly known as Nocturnal Festival, is a massive electronic music festival that has been steadily growing and brings the biggest names in music and dance to an audience of up to 50,000 musical enthusiasts.

The first Nocturnal Wonderland was held in 1995.

There are usually 5 stages with a total of over 60 different artists performing throughout the two nights. The styles of music heard during the performance are vast and vary in range year to year. Every year there are artists from the trance, drum and bass, break beat, and house genres.

Other similar festivals in the Southern California area include Together As One (Produced in conjunction with Go Ventures), Monster Massive (A Go Ventures Production), Beyond Wonderland, and Electric Daisy Carnival.