This post was originally published on January 11th. Scroll down for details about SAMF moving to Jackson Park.

It appears Spring Awakening 2016 will have a different home than the first four editions of the electronic dance festival.

Since its inception in 2012, Spring Awakening Music Festival has been held at Soldier Field on either the second or third weekend of June. But this year, with assistance from Soldier Field and the city of Chicago, Spring Awakening will be finding a new home.

Given this scheduling dilemma, and what we’ve heard from a few different sources in the industry, the following rumor is becoming a fact:

This summer, Spring Awakening Music Festival will not be held at Soldier Field.

For one, if React Presents – the agency that puts on Spring Awakening – had decided to go ahead and book Soldier Field for June 17th, 18th and 19th, we would already know about it.

Why? Because last year, SAMF 2015 pre-sale tickets were announced via Facebook on December 1st, 2014. And more importantly, so were the actual dates of the festival.

Spring Awakening 2016

Now, as we sit in January, the dates of Spring Awakening 2016 still aren’t announced. Most apparently of all, their Facebook page hasn’t posted anything at all regarding Spring Awakening in months.

I wouldn’t tell anybody how to run their social media, but that sounds/looks like a festival that still doesn’t know when – or where – it’s going to happen.

So, why not book Soldier Field for the third or fourth weekends of June if you’re SAMF? Because they would be competing with EDC Las Vegas (17th-19th) or nearby Electric Forest in Michigan (24th-26th).

Regarding a new location, common logic would lead you to Toyota Park because of its status as an “outdoor sports stadium in Chicago” and React held their Freaky Deaky Halloween Fest there in October. But again, that probably would have been announced already, and React is likely trying to keep the festival in city limits.

As their relative Facebook inactivity suggests, it would appear they’re in the process of locking down a new venue – presumably on June 10th, 11th, 12th for the reasons stated above.

From what we know, Spring Awakening will have a new home. When we find out where that new home is, we’ll let you know. But until then, keep daydreaming.

Summer is only 160 days away.

UPDATE: February 3rd, 12:00 PM

It only took until February, but the 2016 edition of Spring Awakening finally has a home.

Even better, a home that isn’t Toyota Park.

It’s clearly been a challenge for festival organizers to lock down a venue within city limits, but Jackson Park – a few exits south of Soldier Field on Lake Shore Drive – has saved the day.

According to reports from Billboard and DNAinfo Wednesday morning, a Park District spokeswoman confirmed what we’ve known for nearly a month now.

The Copa America soccer tournament prevented Spring Awakening from booking their normal dates at Soldier Field this summer, so they chose to change where” rather than “when.”

As we noted originally, that’s probably a smart move considering SAMF would be competing with other major electronic festivals EDC Las Vegas (June 17th-19th) and Electric Forest (24th-26th) during Soldier Field’s two open weekends.

So yeah, Spring Awakening 2016’s official dates will be June 10th-12th, per a press release from React Presents that included this pretty dope announcement video.

For all of you youngin’s with zero feel for this city’s history, Jackson Park is the home of the historic World’s Fair. Though you shouldn’t expect a giant ferris wheel and deep fried donut goodness, you can expect this:

“In honor of its fifth anniversary, fans can expect a total of six stages this year, with two main stages featuring both live electronic acts and world-renowned DJs.”

Sounds like a good enough reason to make the 10 minute trek south from downtown in June’s second weekend. Purchase tickets here, and we’ll see you at Jackson Park in June.