In case you’ve been living in a galaxy far, far away for the past six months, you should be well aware that the next installment of Star Wars is about to hit theatres like some sort of geek-based EMP

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see one of my favorite childhood franchises be resurrected in a way that doesn’t involve horrible acting or anything Jar-Jar Binks related.

Maybe not “wait in line for 12 hours like Black Friday” excited, or “fully-grown adult man dressing up in a robe and wielding a child’s plastic sword” excited, but excited nonetheless.

Well, for those of you so fired up for The Force Awakens you can barely contain the lightsaber in your pants, I’ve got something for you.

Soundcloud artist “Otaku Gang,” a joint effort by underground hip-hop producers Solar Slim & Richie Branson, wanted to find out what happens when you “mix a legendary sci-fi series with one of the greatest rappers of all time.” Thus, Life After Death Star – a 17-track album of Star Wars and Biggie in musical unison – was born, and the galaxy is now a better place for it.

This phenomenal mash-up collection features your favorite Notorious B.I.G. bangers seamlessly melded with elements of John Williams’ Oscar-winning Star Wars score.

Some highlights include:

The Ten Crack Commandments: Probably the most iconic track on here uses Luke’s main theme and is addicting as hell—similar to crack. 

Party ‘N Bullshit: Why not put this Biggie party classic with the Cantina scene featuring Han Solo? (Listen for when the fight breaks out—it’s lightsabers).

Dead Wrong: The immortal Imperial March gets it’s time to shine and it doesn’t disappoint.

Big Poppa: Pretty epic music meets pretty epic hip-hop. Unfortunately, no Jabba the Hut references.

Even the album art is genius — putting the Big Boss’s silhouette head-to-head with Lord Vader as the two baddest motherf***ers in the history of the galaxy meet for the first time.

Give it a listen to get you pumped up for the upcoming flick—or for beating up nerds in line at the premier if that’s your thing.

Sick Sith bastards.