From executive producer Rick Rubin (co-founder of Def Jam Records) comes a Star Wars-inspired and Disney-endorsed compilation album for the ages. 

Welcome to Star Wars Headspace.

While the new music is not actually written for the films, each song uses well-known sounds and themes from the Star Wars series. You know, like Wookie roars, fire blasters, R2-D2’s bleeps and bloops, Darth Vader’s breathing problem — stuff like that.

Star Wars HeadspaceAll 15 of the tracks were inspired, influenced and reworked from the movies themselves by some of the biggest names in the electronic music world. 

Zane Lowe premiered three of the album’s tracks on his show, including an original song from Rubin called “NR-G7,” a new song from Baauer called “Cantina Boys” and a new track from Flying Lotus called “R2 Where R U?”

Was this a cash grab from Disney? Probably. Star Wars Headspace

Was it also a labor of love from all parties involved? Most definitely.

Freeform will debut “Force” by TroyBoi from the album on Thursday, February 18 at 1:00 p.m. PST before the album is released digitally at midnight. Freeform will simultaneously make the song available on all the network’s social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube.

Senior Vice President Nigel Cox-Hagan of Freeform described the album as:

“A project that combines Star Wars, electronic dance music, TroyBoi and Rick Rubin is by definition an exciting and momentous pop culture event. Freeform is thrilled to be a part of it and share “Force” with the many Star Wars and music fans in our audience.”

Star Wars Headspace is available for pre-order now.

Full Tracklist:

1. C-3P0’s Plight – Kaskade

2. Help Me! – GTA

3. Force – TroyBoi

4. Cantina Boys  – Baauer

5. Jabba Flow: Rick Rubin Re-Work (feat. A-Trak) – Shag Kava

6. R2 Knows (feat. Barry Drift) – Claude VonStroke

7. NR-G7 – Rick Rubin

8. Ghomrassen – Bonobo

9. Bounty Hunters – Röyksopp

10. Sunset Over Manaan – ATTLAS

11. R2 Where R U? – Flying Lotus

12. Druid Caravan of Smoke – Shlohmo

13. EWOK PUMPP – Rustie

14. Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder – Galantis

15. Star Tripper – Breakbot