When is Taylor Swift going to go away?

She dominated the Grammy’s Monday night to the tune of a thunderous performance to open the night – not to mention taking home three awards, including the coveted ‘Album of the Year’.

I’m probably speaking upon deaf ears here because, who am I kidding, Taylor Swift isn’t going anywhere. But if the 2016 Grammy Awards were any sort of litmus test for the 26-year-old pop sensation, it’s that her faux-love-me shtick is beyond played out.

Monday night was the god-damn Taylor Swift Variety Hour, man.

I don’t know how else to say it.

Whether it was her fake look of disbelief when she won ‘Album of the Year’ that resulted in another hit for white America in pop culture (see Vine) – or her completely Kanye-ing the spotlight from Ed Sheeran as he took home Song of the Year – Taylor made sure the entire night was about her.

Let me be very clear before I continue here: I can not stand Taylor Swift.

I’m a pure, unabashed hater. I am a fan of Kanye West and his music, although I am beyond fatigued with him as a person; nor do I care about his beef with Swift.

But last night reminded me that Swift and her entire “thing” are the absolute worst. She is a fraud; taking every waking second that passes by as an opportunity for more screen time.

Exhibit A: Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for ‘Album of the Year.’

Swift fans will pound the desk claiming it was an emotionally empowering speech to women everywhere to stay true to yourselves.


This is what a high schooler does.

Me, you, your aunt, Kanye, Saint, and everyone else in the world knows this is about Kanye West. What I have a problem with is that Taylor Swift can’t even be an adult about the situation and just say his name, say his name, when Kanye is not around, say baby I ‘love’ you.

If you don’t like Kanye, then say you don’t like Kanye. It’s not that hard.

Not a lot of people like Kanye so no one’s feeling are going to get hurt. Except Kanye for calling him a gay fish.

Instead, someone thought it was wise to take the stage after winning an award that you shouldn’t have even won (don’t argue this) and humblebrag the shit out of the first 20 seconds of a half-ass subtweet effort at a person who wasn’t even in attendance.

Taylor Swift doesn’t care what I think.

I am beyond cool with that. Like I said, I’m probably speaking to deaf ears here. But while popular and critically acclaimed, Taylor Swift has been skating by in the entertainment industry as she plays us all for fools.

Perhaps it’s because I’m getting too old for this, but the time has come.

If you want to be viewed as an adult then act like an adult instead of some leggy, pop-star.

That, or just go away.