On Tuesday, Taylor Swift gave us a four-second look at what the upcoming music video for her newest single “Style” is going to look like. And yesterday, the 1989 artist gave us yet another preview just three beautiful seconds long.

You’re killin’ us, Taylor.

The first clip has her (literally) going up in smoke, while the second one has her superimposed over either a beautiful sunset or a raging forest fire. And given the whole “or it’s gonna go down in flames” theme in some of 1989′s songs, I’d opt for the latter.

While this is a more artistic style for Taylor Swift, both video clips feel pretty damn familiar. Probably because they look like they could have been plucked straight from True Detective’s opening credits.

Can’t unsee…but then again, why would you want to?


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True Detective had one of television’s most beautiful beginning credits sequences, winning the Emmy for best opening titles in 2014. The art design was based on double-exposure photography, casting the atmospheric, ominous landscapes in which the show is set over the images of the show’s characters.

Taylor Swift

Not sure who let this one happen…but we thank them (screenrant.com and original by Deniszizen)

T-Swift wouldn’t be the first to take a hint from the gritty, nihilistic detective drama’s beautiful opening sequence. There’s been a whole slew of mashups with the True Detective opener. In fact, yesterday ScreenRant released an article about pictures from the set of True Detective Season 2. And the featured image they used wasn’t a still from the show’s famous opener, but rather a True Detective-ized picture of ‘The Spy’ from the Steam game Team Fortress 2 as the featured image. Whoops!

Whether or not the bubbly Taylor Swift is intentionally basing her music video off of the nihilistic detective drama, if the whole video is anything like the two clips she’s released, there’s some serious eye candy to look forward to.

The success of True Detective has truly come full circle…a full, flat circle…just like time.

(UPDATE 02/13/15)

Best Friday 13th ever, because T-Swift released her music video for ‘Style’ this morning and we were right – it totally looks like True Detective…if True Detective was a fashion ad. Check out ‘Style’ here and True Detective here for comparison. Or just do what I did and play Far From Any Road while watching ‘Style’ muted. 100% recommend.

The ‘double exposure’ effect will forever look like True Detective now, but T-Swift even has the same slow-mo movements that True Detective had. And it’s pretty cool.

But hey, if you’re still not sold on the similarity, I’ve laid it out for you. ‘Style’ is on the left, True Detective is on the right…and it’s amazingly easy to mix them up.


(Featured photos courtesy of Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift’s Vevo, and HBO)