The Perth, Australia based producer Sable has had his hands full lately. Over the last week it seems as if his evil alter ego, Shadow Sable, has hijacked his Facebook page and launched his own Soundcloud page.

Since the takeover, Shadow Sable has released three trap inspired songs as opposed to the gentler future bass tracks that his nemesis is known for.

While the dark one lurks in the shadows, Sable has begun a call for help across social media asking producers to search their studios for missing blueprints in order to defeat Shadow Sable once and for all.

It looks like the missing pieces didn’t go far, because after three short days the blueprints have all been found. Could we possibly see Sable teaming up with Cosmo’s Midnight, What So Not, and SLUMBERJACK to slay Shadow?

We can only assume that only true way to defeat him would be to release some sort of compilation on Soundcloud to combat the sounds of darkness.

WSN SableNow that all three pieces have been found, we should be getting word soon about how this plan will come together. It seems as if the Saybot blueprints allow for rockets so expect something extraordinary from these producers.

We’ll just have to stay tuned, but in the meantime pay a visit to the courageous Sable’s Soundcloud page to support his superhero efforts.