“Guns For Hire” (NGHTMRE Remix) by Charlie Darker

Grime and filth: those are the only two words to describe the drop in NGHTMRE’s remix of “Guns For Hire” by Charlie Darker. The upbeat, elated build-up prepares the listener for a first-rate drop manufactured by dub royalty – and then smack! You’re blindsided right in the face by a drop so dirty that not even your mom’s all-purpose Swiffer can clean up. Maybe it’s time to move out – what’s your momma still doing cleaning up after your mess? Shame on you.

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“Crank It” by Ghastly & Mija

When thinking about artists who had a year of breakthrough, both Ghastly and Mija come to mind. Since being taken under the wing of Skrillex and OWSLA, both of their careers have begun flight. Pushing the envelope, exploring new sounds, and meshing those sounds with the ones that resonate with the masses – that’s what Ghastly & Mija do song in and song out. Featuring Lil Jon, “Crank It” motivates the mind to to lose itself once the sound-waves exit your speakers. Let the futuristic, screeching bass amplify as the bodies hit the dance floor.

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“Take Ü There” (Slander Remix) by Jack Ü

Super-duo Jack Ü (Diplo & Skrillex) released their first single this year, “Take Ü There.” Since its release, it has been remixed by some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene, most notably Slander. Taking the track from 160 BPM down to 128, their remix allows for Kiesza’s vocal build to raise even more hairs before the energized, first drop. Then switching it up after the second build, they hit you with a slowed down, trapped out drop suitable for anyone over the age of 18.

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“Boss Mode” by Knife Party

Prominent bass duo Knife Party’s intense track “Boss Mode” was an obvious choice for this list. This trap infused banger comes from their most recent album Abandon Ship, which has been widely recognized as one of the most diverse LP’s in electronic music this year. With “Boss Mode,” the duo dabbled in some bass-heavy trap rich in sleazy synth patterns and bass-in-your-face drops.

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“Not Butter” by Dillon Francis

From his most recent album Money Sucks, Friends Rule, “Not Butter” is hands down the wildest and hardest track off of the LP. While assembled with an aggressively vivid drop, the original sticks to Dillon Francis’ very unique and recognizable style of sound. You really won’t believe it’s not butter.

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“Vikings” by Botnek & 3LAU

I vividly remember the first time hearing this song while I was working at my desk with the Ultra live stream of Jack Ü playing in the background, and then losing all concentration as my brain was rattled with this insane sound that I had never heard before. So I skipped back to hear it again. And again. Botnek and 3LAU created the ultimate festival banger with “Vikings,” which delivers a filthy shit-your-pants drop.

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“Wild” by Snails & Antiserum

“Wild” could easily be considered as the public’s coming out party for Snails. This track quickly gained main stage support from some heavy hitters in the festival scene. Vomit-step has quickly evolved to somewhat of a guilty pleasure for some artists in order to step away from their comfort zone and provide the audience with something they weren’t expecting. Be sure to check out Snalis in 2015 for there are big things to come from this Canadian face melter.

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“Sputnik” (Jay Fay Remix) by Bro Safari & UFO

This track is off of the Animals Remixes, which was one of the most impressive remix packages we saw this year. Jay Fay, a young Dj/Producer fuses low-tempo dub with electro in this grime-filled banger.

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“All Deez” (Jauz ‘Jauzstep’ Remix) by Buku

If you haven’t heard of the name Jauz, you’ve probably been living under a large rock combing your hair while listening to “Levels” on repeat. This 21 year old LA native is currently one of the fastest growing names in electronic music – and if you listen to any of his songs or remixes, you understand why. His latest remix of Buku’s “All Deez” cranks up the bass and slaps a thick layer of filth as a fitting garnish.

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“Dafuq” by Ookay and Riggi & Piros

The trap legend Ookay switches things up from his normal trap style through the means of a compilation with Riggi & Piros appropriately titled “Dafuq,” which you will most likely be repeating as you listen to it. This song is packed with some heavy festival-ready sounds, making it a perfect song to be heard on every main-stage this summer. And for those hardcore Ookay fans that are skeptical, just wait for the third drop. It will feed your trap fix.

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“Now” (Run DMT Remix) by Bassnectar

There’s no denying that Bassnectar was not born on this Earth. His incredible skills in the studio and on stage show tremulously throughout his undoubtedly successful career. But when a remix of one of his songs shines greater than one of his originals, then it’s safe to say it should not be overlooked. RUN DMT has always been on top of the elastic growls whether he’s making drum and bass or creating half-timed beats. However, this one hits on some next level sound design. After listening to this gem from RUN DMT, you’ll be sure that dub-step is (in fact) not dead.

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“Muscle” (Ft. Juvinile) (gLAdiator Remix) by Low Pros

2014 was another huge year for the homies of gLAdiator who have been stampeding around the country blowing up venue after venue with trap music suckled from the sweat of Apollo. After the duo from California played a home-town set at Hard Summer in 2013, the name gLAdiator catapulted its’ way onto festival set lists like EDC Las Vegas, Spring Awakening and Mysteryland USA.

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“The Dealer” (Milo & Otis Remix) by Bro Safari & UFO!

This track comes from the aforementioned Animals Remix package that has captured a lot of attention this past year. Signature whining synths and hard hitting bass from Milo & Otis are integrated into an already heater track from Bro Safari & UFO!

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