We have no idea if it’s possible to get high from listening to a song. We’re not doctors.

That said, we are not making up the fact that The Chainsmokers have dropped quite a few hits over the last couple years. From “Kanye” to “Selfie,” the New York duo has exploded onto the scene with controversial (but successful) dance music. Still, their new track with Tritonal might be the most irresistible yet.

Released on their new EP, Bouqet, “Until You Were Gone” has the perfect blend of each duo’s sound.

Lyrically, it’s sensational. Featuring vocal support from Emily Warren, the tone takes on a deeper meaning as the chorus progresses:

“Ever since I left you, I’m tryina get you back
And it keeps getting worse
I’m burning on the inside,
and the truth is I didn’t know how good you were
Until you were gone…”

Without taking a breath, the song transitions from a beautiful chorus into a dance melody that Tritonians everywhere can be proud of. As the Chainsmokers said best, “we hope you enjoy this song responsibly.”

“Until You Were Gone” by Tritonal & The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers will be stopping in Chicago on November 13th during their Friendzone Tour. The show will take place at Aragon Ballroom, and you can buy tickets here.