We’re still in shock from the lineup announcements for Lollapalooza, Spring Awakening, and even North Coast. And when the Riot Fest lineup was released yesterday, the quality of talent at these three festivals became even more apparent.

With headliners that range from No Doubt to Damian Marley to Merle Haggard, there’s also no doubt that the lineup is painstakingly random.

I understand the need to offer a diverse lineup. I understand the need to do something different. And I also understand the need to highlight overlooked talent.

With that said, I have no idea who or what this festival is trying to target.

With a lineup that ranges from bluegrass & hip-hop to heavy metal & reggae, the event has seemingly gone from an alternative music festival to an attention deficit festival.

Snoop Dogg would be an exciting name, had it not been for a disappointing performance in Union Park last summer. Motörhead and Rancid would also be worth noting…if Motörhead and Rancid were worth noting. And even though Modest Mouse should catch the eye of most, it’s tough to sell tickets for a festival when people only want to see one show.

Perhaps I’m wrong though. Perhaps I’ve been blind to the resurrection of Gwen Stefani, and perhaps the Riot Fest lineup is not just a B-list rendition of Lollapalooza. But for a festival that brought in names like Weezer, The Cure, and The Flaming Lips last summer – there should be little argument that Riot Fest can do a lot better than this.

This year’s lineup for Riot Fest isn’t terrible, it’s just not that good.

Here’s a look at the full lineup.


(Featured Image courtesy of Walla Walla Photos