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If you follow us frequently (which you should), you’ve probably already seen our Top 25 EDM Songs of 2014. If you haven’t, maybe you’ve read this one.

Neither? Okay, more reason to keep reading.

The list below was a bit trickier than the others. After all, judging a painting is much easier than judging an art gallery. Whether or not that comparison makes any sense, we’ll put it to you this way: In order to judge and rank a musical album, you must do so with the entirety of the album in focus.

Just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its’ cover, you shouldn’t recommend it to somebody based on one chapter. How many more God damn metaphors do we have to think of for you to understand this?

Anyways, here’s our Top 5 EDM Albums of 2014.

5. Knife Party – Abandon Ship 

After years of anticipation, the outspoken Australian duo finally unveiled their debut full-length LP in November.

Topping off at 12 tracks, Abandon Ship is definitely the most diverse EDM release of the year. From “Boss Mode” – a clear nod to their bass heavy roots – to tracks like “EDM Hype Machine” and “Micropenis” that keep it evident Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen don’t take the critics too seriously, this highly-anticipated album made a splash for all the right reasons.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything strikingly original from this album. The reason it made this list is because of how it shows the pure diversity of Knife Party.

Anything you can do, they can do better.

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4. Skrillex – Recess 

In 2014, another debut LP came from one of the most influential people in electronic music.

The OWSLA label head saw his biggest year yet with the release of this album, followed by a summer full of touring and festival headline slots all over the world. And if that wasn’t enough, his project Jack Ü (with Mad Decent head honcho, Diplo) shows no signs of slowing down.

There’s even talks of new releases in the near future through his Dog Blood project, alongside Boys Noize.

Everything that Skrilex touches turns to gold, and we’ll be waiting ever so patiently for his next release.

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3. Caribou – Our Love

2014 was one hell of a year for Dan Snaith, AKA Caribou. His sixth studio album, Our Love, was released unto the world.

His previous release, Swim, was a tough act to follow, but Caribou stepped up to the plate more than ever. Mellow beats and more emotional lyrics are attributed to a more mature mindset that arrived since the birth of his daughter.

Critics everywhere have hailed Our Love – and he even surprised many by throwing down one of the most impressive Essential Mixes of the year.

Keep an eye out for Caribou’s future releases, and if you’re having a bad day, just keep this album on repeat.

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2. ODESZA – In Return

Not many have successfully delivered on the mantra of, “We want to change it up.”

Fortunately, change is coming in the form of a duo from the Pacific Northwest. ODESZA released their sophomore LP, In Return, two years after their premiere album release in 2012, also their senior year of college. Including ODESZA, many electronic artists have begun to substitute DJ sets for a live performance.

The live performance of Odesza tracks truly changes the live experience and feel of the studio recording. With some prime festival slots lined up for this coming summer, make sure you keep this duo on your radar.

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1. Porter Robinson – Worlds 

Is anyone actually surprised?

With one of the most drastic image makeovers of any artist in the current EDM space, Porter Robinson’s debut full-length release lived up to the incredible hype unleashed by social media and music publications. He released the first single, “Sea of Voices,” during the Oscars in March.

Within hours Robinson was a trending topic on Twitter. After releasing three more singles, the album finally dropped in August with one of the most talked about live tours of the decade immediately following. Soon after the end of the North American leg, he toured with Stereosonic Festival and also was the keynote speaker of the EMC (Electronic Music Conference) in Australia. Robinson made his return to US festivals, performing his live show at SnowGlobe Music Festival over New Years in Lake Tahoe.

Lucky for us, we can expect to see a lot of Porter this summer at some of your favorite festivals. Even more exciting will be hearing what he puts out next.

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