The first time I heard Moody Good was from this Jack Ü set at The Slipper Room.

In their performance, Skrillex and Diplo introduced the world to “Hotplate” – one of our top 25 songs of 2014. Since then, Moody Good’s breakout track has been racking up plays on Soundcloud. But as you can see from the title, this post isn’t about OWLSA’s rising star.

After all, the Chicago-based dubstep phenom deserves a column of his own.

Instead, this post is about Spencer Higginson. And more specifically, his video review of Moody Good’s new album.

If you don’t know who Spencer Higginson is, that’s okay. We didn’t either until we watched this.

But if you’re like us, you’ll begin to wonder why you’re not friends with him.

Whether it’s his review of the mysterious Apple iPad or his questionable sneaker endorsements, Higginson can poke fun at just about everything. His comedic approach is like a perfect combination of Napoleon Dynamite and Baseball w/ Kyle, except he’s clearly knowledgable on the subject matter. 

On top of that, his voice resembles a young Chris Hansen.

In the video below, Higginson reveals that he’s received a hard copy version of Moody Good’s debut album, Moody Good LP. 

“I just received this in the mail: exclusive pre-release album to be reviewed by me. I think you’re crazy for sending me this. I’m a very incisive critic of art, music and technology and this has to do with all three. This is your funeral. Welcome to hell.”

Moody Good Album Review by Spencer Higginson

Whether he’s hiding behind his couch because he’s afraid of the album’s overwhelming bass-line, or comparing Moody Good’s instrumentation to “field recordings of dump-trucks being turned off” – this video review is priceless from start to finish.

While we dig through the internet for his AIM address and list of personal interests, we’ll let you send Spencer’s hilarious album review to all of your friends. We would do it ourselves, if we had friends.

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Order “Moody Good” on iTunes. Or, click here to order it on vinyl…if you’re into that kind of thing.