While you were busy being entertained by “Drunk On A Plane” and “Anaconda” – we were busy cleaning our Ferraris with $20 bills and ivory soap that we had overnighted from South Africa.

That’s why we’re ranking the top 10 EDM songs released this summer, listen in order of opinion.

Not to say we don’t like songs that sound like an identical, but shittier version of “Baby Got Back,” there’s just better music out there than the stuff you hear on KISS FM or your little cousin’s Hit Clips player (seriously though, do you remember these?)

While the anticipation grows for album releases by Knife Party and Dillon Francis this fall, the musical endeavors accomplished this summer were too brilliant to ignore.

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And as always, have a great weekend.

The Top 10 EDM Songs Of Summer 2014

10. Syn Cole – Bright Lights

It’s probably not a good idea to title your song with the same name as a rising vocalist in EDM (Heather Bright, aka Bright Lights). But then again, you could title your song “Butt Plug” if the legendary Pete Tong is releasing it.

9. Grabbitz – Here With You Now

A special treat for all you true bass-heads out there.

8. Au5 – Follow You (Rootkit Remix)

I’d say this song is a 10 out of 10 on the “Songs I Would Listen to While Running Through A Thunderstorm” scale.

 7. Cash Cash – Take Me Home (REVOKE Remix)


6. Sum 41 – In Too Deep (Kasum Remix)

Junior high nostalgia meets refined progressive house.

5. Laszlo – Interstellar

Another dynamite track from the (literally) ground-breaking record label known as Monstercat.

4. Dillon Francis – I Can’t Take It

We’ve been blessed with plenty of Dillon Francis this summer, but  EDM/hip-hop pioneer and producer Diplo said it best at Ultra Music Festival,

“Dillon Francis is the future of music.”

3. Calvin Harris – Summer


2. Ilan Bluestone – Tension

This could actually be one of the best trance songs, ever.

1. Porter Robinson – Flicker/Sea of Voices/Sad Machine/Divinity

Yah, you get the point.

(Feat. photo courtesy of Kevin Dooley)