In case you haven’t noticed, we like to be premature. And no, we’re not talking about premature ejaculation.

You pervert.

Instead, we’re talking about premature power rankings. But don’t be fooled, ranking the best music of the year prematurely can have some benefits.


“Dude, what’s your favorite OWSLA song?”

A. We get to update the list throughout the year.
B. We ensure there’s no recency bias. After all, it’s easy to be distracted when looking back on an entire year of music – even its just from one record label.

So when we go to finalize the below rankings in December, our perspectives won’t be thrown off by what artists have done lately.

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

Okay cool, we’ll continue.

Below, we’ve indexed the top 10 songs released by OWSLA so far in 2015. Below that, we’ve included some of the other premature musical listicles you should check out.

You are welcome. And we apologize for all the sexual innuendos included in this intro.

Top 10 OWSLA Songs of 2015


QUICK DISCLAIMER: For more reasons than we have time to explain, we did not include any songs from Jack Ü’s debut album on this list. If you don’t understand why, then maybe you should go read a Wikipedia page or something.


10. “Booty Free” by AC Slater feat. Dell Harris

This song is as groovy as the Saved by the Bell character its artist was named after.

9. “Jamba” by Boombox Cartel x Jackal

“Jamba” might take some time to catch on, but the authentic production quality is noticeable from the first listen.

8. “Maybe” by Carmada (Fred V & Grafix Remix)

Just another example of OWSLA’s deep roster of promising talent.

7. “Gemini” by What So Not 

It was unclear how the fate of ‘What So Not’ would unfold with the departure of Flume from the duo. But clearly, things are going just fine for Emoh Instead’s (now) one-man-band.

6. “Deep Down Low” by Valentino Khan

Valentino Khan is another example of Mad Decent and OWSLA’s fruitful cross-label relationship (see: Jack Ü). On top of that, he has a dope Fu Manchu and takes pictures next to helicopters.

So yeah, he’s pretty much the shit.

5. “Funk With Me” by Snails (ft. Big Gigantic) 

Common or acceptable reactions to this song may include the following:

“What the fuck?”


“It’s like the first time I had sex.”

“It’s like the first time I ate a pack of Gushers.”

“This song is sick and nasty and dirty and trill as shit.”

4. “Louder” by Kill The Noise & Tommy Trash feat. Rock City

Get loud.

3. “Don’t Speak” by The M Machine (Manila Killa Remix)


2. “Bad Man” by Ragga Twins (Skrillex Remix)

You are a bad man, Sonny.

1. “R You Ok” by Aryay

Aryay is self-described on Facebook as a “REAL ASS LION.” We’ll let you interpret that while we listen to his unbelievable song.

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