You guys dedicated an entire list to remixes of The Chainsmokers?

The answer is yes, yes we did.

The Chainsmokers are awesome, and we’re excited about how much they’ve developed over the years. In terms of talent and popularity – growth like this can only come from hard work and making a superior musical product. And when you add in some humor and a little bit of swag, it’s not surprising why this Brooklyn duo is quickly becoming a household name.

So, maybe you should stop wondering why we just made an entire list about them, and maybe you should start listening to their music.

If not, you can respectfully go suck it.


  • The Chainsmokers Fan Club, Chicago Division (69th Infantry)

Top-10 Remixes Of The Chainsmokers

(10) “Let You Go” (A-Trak Remix)

(9) “Until You Were Gone” (REEZ Remix)

(8) “Good Intentions” (Future Of The House Remix)

(7) #SELFIE (Will Sparks Remix)

(6) “Kanye” (Instant Party Remix)

(5) “Roses” (Zaxx & Loosid Remix)

(4) “Don’t Let Me Down” (Spag Heddy Remix)

(3) “Don’t Let Me Down” (Illenium Remix)

(2) “Don’t Let Me Down” (W&W Remix)

(1) “Don’t Let Me Down” (Devault Remix)