As we said back in August, we made this post for a couple reasons. 

1. So you have a completely opinionated list of the best EDM songs from 2015, not just the ones that made the most money.

2. Because 85% of you only retain information if it’s packaged into an odd-numbered list.

Argue all you want (seriously, go to the comment section below and tell us what you think). We’re not like all the other blogs that think you should only listen to music that we publish.

We understand that different folks have different strokes, and that it is scientifically impossible to publish an opinionated ranking and expect everybody (or even just a majority) to agree with it.

Rant aside, here are the 25 best electronic songs of 2015.

Suck it.

Top 25 EDM Songs of 2015

25. “Something Better” | Audien (feat. Lady Antebellum)

Call it quintessentially obvious. Frankly, I don’t care because Audien and Lady Antebellum together on the same track needed to be included for the betterment of yourself and your descendants.

24. “Afterlife” | Tchami 

If I told you I knew of a man that use to be a priest but now is an EDM producer, would that be something you’d be interested in? Tchami, you evangelistic devil you…

23. “Aftergold” | Big Wild

This song probably deserves to be higher (or lower?) on the Top 25 EDM Songs of 2015 so we’ll just leave it at that. Keep doing you, Big Wild, and we’ll keep doing us…by listening to your music.

22. “You Know” | Zeds Dead & Oliver Heldens 

I know what you’re thinking. This song was totes not released in 2015. Well, young lady, it totes was. And we have the data to prove it.

21. “Pay No Mind” | Passion Pit & Madeon 

Yes, this song is poppy. But as you’ll notice, we give a lot of respect to the musicians that went beyond their comfort zone in an effort to unite music and redefine the term “collaboration.”

Although not as progressive as Audien & Lady Antebellum, this track has very few flaws. In fact, this song is close to perfect.

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