You don’t have to tell us about the brilliance of hip-hop duo Run The Jewels.

When they released their second self-titled album back in October, Run The Jewels 2, we said that it was rap’s album of the year. A month later Rolling Stone said the same thing, ranking it their 8th best album of 2014 period.

The dynamic tag-team of Killer Mike and El-P have effectively blown up since dropping the wildly popular album, and not just in the world of music. They’re seriously everywhere.

During last Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game, Under Armour launched a new ad campaign with Jamie Foxx featuring Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry. And guess who they turned to for the background music?

Run The Jewels.

I must say, bravo to Under Armour’s marketing team. The song in the clip is “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)” – which features former frontman of Rage Against The Machine Zach de la Rocha. It’s the fourth song on the aforementioned Run The Jewels 2, and arguably its most popular.

Just take it from SportsCenter anchor Kevin Connors, who dropped the song’s main lyric “Run them Jewels fast” while calling an NBA highlight in late November:

Great tune indeed. Unfortunately, there isn’t a video clip to be found of Connors dropping the line – but if my memory serves correctly he aptly used it to describe a coast-to-coast layup for (then) Phoenix Suns guard Isaiah Thomas.

Well played, sir.

And props to ESPN for taking a hint from the anchor, as they dipped into the Run The Jewels well for their NFL Wild Card promo. Ahead of a first round matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers, The Mothership shrewdly went back to the duo’s first album, Run The Jewels. 

That’s an instrumental version of the opening track from the debut RTJ album, and yeah, it’s perfect.

Clearly, Run The Jewels’ brilliance has noticeably leaked into the sports world. But that’s not where the love stops.

Last month it came out that two Marvel comic book covers – Howard The Duck and Deadpool – featured Run The Jewels’ iconic fist-and-gun logo, which is on both RTJ album covers:

Run The Jewels Marvel

(The Verge)

Like I said, they’re everywhere.