I like a man of his word. It’s part of the reason I actually like The Joker and it’s the reason I hate politics.

Every politician is full of shit and none of them can be trusted. Washington D.C. needs a change. I’m not talking about that Obama kind of change.

I’m talking about Waka Flocka Flame. Because, believe it or not, Waka is running for office in 2016 and he’s serious about it.

Don’t believe him? Here’s his campaign video:


This campaign video is not new, it was posted by Rolling Stone a few days ago. But I wanted to take the opportunity to add my two cents to Waka’s agenda.

First off, dogs in restaurants are the worst. I like dogs and I like eating at restaurants. I don’t like looking at other people’s dogs while I’m eating at a restaurant. It makes me uncomfortable.

While I’m not sure government mandate is necessary to outlaw the pooches from the patio’s I couldn’t agree more with Waka’s though process. Ultimately, I want a President I agree with.

I’ve never understood the “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” saying. I grew up eating apples all the time and was always at the doctors office. One thing I do know is that doctors often prescribe medicinal marijuana to help ailing patients.

It makes perfect sense that Waka believes that a blunt a day would make the day better. Because a day spent away from the doctors office is a good day. Math is not that hard.

Also, Waka Flocka’s ideas for education couldn’t be more progressive. I’ve said for years that the American education system needs less “2+2” and more “Me+You”. We teach our kids how to read a book but not how to navigate their way on a street.

I truly believe the lack of common sense and pop culture education in schools is the reason people like Taylor Swift remain famous.

And to be honest, I’m totally cool with making kids know Waka’s lyrics before they graduate. Could you imagine the hip hop knowledge we could impart on tomorrow’s youth?

With that being said, Waka, you can count on my vote in 2016.

I need a President who I can listen to and nod my head up and down rather than side-to-side.


(Featured Image courtesy of Atlantic Records)