The picture below was taken by somebody who works at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. As you can see, it is a 3D portrayal of Swedish house music superstar, Avicii.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “what the hell is a painting of Avicii doing in the United States Capitol Building?”

Avicii Painting In The U.S. Capitol:


“So I work in the US Capitol and I find this today…”

If you’re able to squint your eyes well enough, you’ll notice the painting was created by a certain Kobi Matthews.

According to the photographer (again, just some person who works at the US Capitol building), this painting of the EDM icon found itself hung in the hallways of our prestigious government’s capital building after winning an art contest.

M3, as Matthews chose to title it, was the winning piece of artwork from Florida’s District 13.

It was selected as one of 1 of 27 award-winning photos from the state of Florida during the 2014 Congressional Art Competition. For each district of every state, high school students across the country submit a painting to their district’s congressional representative. And the honorable David W. Jolly chose the Avicii painting over everything else District 13 had to offer.

Which makes us wonder if Mr. Jolly even knows who Avicii is, or if he just really enjoyed the painting. Maybe his kids love listening to him.

Winning portraits from the other 26 districts include a bunch of marbles in someone’s jeans, a child eating corn, Abraham Lincoln (who isn’t even from Florida) and about 11 paintings portraying a summer in Florida.

Of course, none of those “Florida summers” look like what an actual Florida summer is — hot and muggy as shit.

So, at least Kobi Matthews succeeded in creating something accurate. And if nothing else, it’s good to see that somebody in Congress enjoys EDM.

Mystery solved. Time for dinner.