One month ago, an artist named Marshmello released his debut single on Soundcloud titled “WaVez”.

With over 200,000 listens in under two weeks, we knew he was bound for big things.

After the debut release, Marshmello has released seven additional songs in “BLocKs”, “ShOw YoU”, “PrO”, “WroNg”, “FinD Me”, WaNt U 2” and “OutSide”; racking up a total of almost 3 million hits.

That kind of traction doesn’t happen overnight. At least, not usually.

It’s happened before with artists like Zhu and UG releasing songs under unknown aliases to garner attention (regardless of how good the music is).

Fortunately for Zhu, UG and Marshmello, their music backed up the masked persona every single time. And for Marshmello, specifically, every song seems to stand out while still keeping an identifiable trend in sound design and arrangement.

And let’s not forget, every song marshmello releases is FREE. So its no wonder the underground music masses have been diligently infiltrating the deep web to divulge the truth behind this mystery artist in the making.

Marshmello refers to his music as deep, fluffy, hybrid melodic sexy trap house.

I’d say his genrefication is spot on. Using the hashtag #mellogang as part of his social media tactics, the identity of Marshmello has ignited a fire in trap lovers worldwide.

Therfore, the madness really boils down to one simple question:

Is Marshmello a marketing genius with the right connections on top of stellar producing skills, or is this a side project of an already established producer with a marketing team already set in place?

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the names popping up on social media in regards to the real artist behind Marshmello and his trap treasure chest of golden oldies in the making.

Who is Marshmello?

Mad Decent

Supposedly, Marshmello is listed to be announced on the Mad Decent Boat Party lineup and has direct support from the likes of many Mad Decent signees.

This one just makes sense from the get go. Mad Decent artists have been promoting marshmallow since its inception, so it would be reasonable to assume the promotional tactics are leading up to an epic introduction into the festival circuit come summer 2015.


According to FPIA (Fake Producers Intelligence Agency) on Twitter, they suspect marshmello could be Jauz, Diplo, Skidope, or a combination of the three.

The similarity between Jauz’s and Marshmello’s logos makes it almost obvious that the two have something to do with one another.


Let me be frank: this prediction has nothing to do with their music similarities or differences. The logos are just too similar not to add to this discussion. There is literally an M in the bottom of Jauz’s logo. If I had to place a bet with Vegas on the man behind Marshmello, I’d go all in on Jauz.


After this video was released on marshmello’s Twitter, social media blew up. However, I think this one is just too good to be true. Skrillex really has no reason to have yet another alias for his music. Or does he!?

Kevin Federline

For some reason, Kevin Federline is one of seven people Marshmello follows on Twitter. Coincidence? Or could this be the revival of one of the most forgotten figures in pop culture?



He has done it once – who says he wouldn’t do it again?

I do, that’s who. Anyone who claims Zhu is behind Marshmello is either stupid or just lazy in their research. 


Cashmere Cat

Their sounds are very similar, and both artists showcase production value through the roof on just about every release. This one’s a stretch, but that’s kind of the point of this article. Sue me.

Who do you think is behind the new phenomenom known as Marshmello?

Sound off in the comment section below. And if you figure it out before we do, we’ll give you a cookie.

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